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Underground Resistance ‎– UR-3000 CD
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1a Drexciya Intro 3:05
1b Mark Taylor (2) Antimatter Premium Unleaded
2 The Martian Prayer Stick 2:08
3 Remote (5) Protecting My Hive 4:03
4 Suburban Knight Black Strategy 1:59
5 Underground Resistance Codebreaker 2:48
6 Underground Resistance Electronic Warfare (Electric Eel Mix)
Remix – Drexciya
7 Underground Resistance E.R.P. (Enhanced Rhythm Perception) 2:00
8 Chaos The Safety Is Off 2:18
9 Underground Resistance Sweat Electric 3:44
10 Underground Resistance Twista 2:07
11 Drexciya Wavejumper 3:55
12 The Martian The Intruder 2:41
13 Underground Resistance Code Red 2:10
14 Underground Resistance Lunar Rhythms 2:44
15 Underground Resistance Hi Tech Funk 2:17
16 Underground Resistance Fiber Optic Commando 2:51
17 Underground Resistance UR-046 2:31
18 The Beat Mechanic Let's Work 0:53
19 The Deacon Red Z Track B1 (URZT-2) 1:21
20 Chaos Afrogermanic 2:11
21 Underground Resistance Analog Assassin 2:40
22 Underground Resistance Final Frontier 8:09
23 Dark Energy Aurora 4:12

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The New Age of the Aztec Mystics
The old ways were gone...

After the conquest, the ancient Aztec Mystics realized that their way of life was destroyed. Their civilization, which had lasted thousands of years, was destroyed in just several decades.

No one was more surprised than the Aztec Mystics, whose achievements have never been surpassed in the time since. In the thousands of years that their empire existed, the Aztec Mystics performed incredible tasks and achieved untold feats. They pushed Human awareness and perception to their limits and ventured into unseen worlds and dimensions. Because of what they saw in their journeys, the Aztec Mystics became obsessed with their power and erected gigantic monuments dedicated to their achievements.

As they would find out, their obsession to power became their undoing.

The conquerors didn't care about the Mystics or their achievements and sought only to dominate their people and exploit their wealth and resources.

Thousands would die in the years to follow from disease and warfare. Monumental cities were either abandoned or destroyed. Entire cultures, which had existed for thousands of years, were wiped from the face of the Earth in the span of a few decades.

However, the Aztec Mystics were not beaten yet...

Remnants of their most powerful warrior society, the Jaguar Knights, still survived and realized the mistakes of their predecessors. Instead of becoming obsessed with power and enslaving the awareness of other Humans, they decided to correct those mistakes. They chose to blend in with the conquerors world and live regular day to day lives in a certain sense, but would secretly remain warriors and mystics, dedicating their lives to total freedom and harmony.

Thus began the New Age of the Aztec Mystics.

For several centuries after the conquest, the Aztec Mystics lived in secrecy, awaiting the proper time to make themselves known their people once more. To make their presence known, they would use a special signal, a covert message that only their descendants would know and understand. They would use the building blocks of creation itself, vibration.

Ages ago, the Aztec Mystics discovered that the universe and all that it contained was made of vibrations. Every living being had its own unique vibration. If one could understand a beings vibrational pattern, they would know that beings essence.

The Mystics used vibrations that were tuned to the rhythm of their souls, creating spirit songs. Each song had a subconscious message for those who knew. The message though difficult to perceive was simple...

...As Humans we are beings of energy and awareness, capable of unrealized and untapped potential.

Now in today's era, their spirit songs are fused with modern technology, creating songs of power, which can affect thousands subconsciously.

Listen now as the Aztec Mystics call to you. Asking you to join them on their path to freedom and harmony.

Text written by The Ancient

Track 1 is an intro by Drexciya on their Drexciya 4 - The Unknown Aquazone - Double Aquapak ... release; however Drexciya is not credited as the artist.
On the back CD cover the second track is incorrectly titled "Vintage Future", which is actually just an alias for the artist Mark Taylor.
Track 18 and 19 (shown as tracks 19 and 20 on the back cover) are unreleased and switched around. Track 18 is The Beat Mechanic track and the subsequent track is the Red Z Track.
Track 23 was unreleased during the production of this mix and is referred to as such in the tracklist.
Before the last track, there is a break which features an excerpt from the monologue by Al Pacino as Tony Montana, taken from the movie "Scarface".

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout: VIBRATION MIX PS1468
  • Mould SID Code: ifpi AX01


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February 16, 2013

Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit...


February 17, 2004

This is a more deep down and dirty electro mix than Rolando's previous Aztec Mystic mix with a lot more of the lesser known UR releases as opposed to all the techno floor fillers that filled the previous mix and its all the better for it. I would recommend this compilation to anyone who was starting out on their UR journey, as it gives you a better idea of what the collective is all about. A fantastic cd.


January 27, 2003
a classic electro mix which sounds more like a best of U.R
than anything else...too bad the "jaguar" is missing...
it's good for beginners who wants to discover the u.r electro saga...