D.J. Seduction* ‎– Bleep Bleep Mash Mash

C.T. Records ‎– CTT26
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM

Companies, etc.



Side A: 125 B.P.M.
Side AA: 127 B.P.M.

Track A samples:
Vocal from Bomb The Bass - Hey You!

Track AA samples:
Bass stab from Demonik - Labyrinthe

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April 13, 2019
Hello, i'm looking for that one. Please PM if someone is selling one copy.


January 27, 2019
edited 4 months ago
Interesting hearing this after all this time. I’d heard about it, but never really heard it. Here’s some background to this track...

So when I was about 16 (1990), me and a couple of mates, decided to make a tune. We had hardly any equipment. I had some cheap decks, a Phonic 4ch DJ mixer and two kiddy Casio keyboards. One was a sampling SK1 (useful toy). The other one was really bad, but it had an eq and if you tweaked it right, it’d make three solid sub-bass notes. Like, rattle your chest deep.

Also, I’d been buying hip hop for a few years, but had just really got interested the acid house scene and breakbeat. I also loved the bleepy Warp sound. At the time Renegade Sound Wave, LFO, Brothers Grimm, etc were blowing my mind.

So we got creative and make a track.

Me mixing up the bonus beats from Big Daddy Kane’s Raw, and my mates playing bleepy sub base sounds. I bounced tapes to add some more layers. I even had to stickytape over the erase head on my cassette deck. That’s how low-fi our production was. The quality was hissy and terrible, but the end result was just what we wanted. We made a bleepy track, with breakbeat and a solid, speaker rattling, dub bass line. At the time, this stuff was only just beginning. Hardcore hadn’t even happened yet.

Now a girl we knew, a young girl, happened to be dating a DJ from Fantasy FM. I think Sunrise was off the air and Fantasy was the top London pirate station at the time IIRC.

Now this bit is kind of gross as my female friend, was only 14 at the time. I’d guess her DJ boy friend was 20-30 something. Super nasty. But regardless, she made an introduction and we meet DJ Anton. “Anton, Anton, Anton... on the radio”, if you remember his jingle. It was something like that.

We were definitely star struck.

So Anton hears our tape, likes it and starts taking us around the indi record labels. The first one we went to was Tam Tam in Clerkenwell. I’m totally star struck now because of Silver Bullet being on Tam Tam. Bring forth the guillotone! But I guess Tam Tam weren’t interested.

Next we went to CT records (who I hadn’t heard of), but this time Anton had another artist with him too. DJ Seduction. I’d never heard of him either, but whatever.

So they play Seduction’s DAT first. Yeah he’s flush and not a 16 year old, so his tune’s on DAT. Not like my crappy, bounced tape, hissy, analog demo. But once it gets started, it’s this lame, commercial hip-house track. Bad rapping and cheesy pianos are all I can remember. It was total Top Of The Pops shit. And the CT records dude is polite, but definitely not interested.

So it’s our turn...

So they play our tape. The sound quality is terrible, but the CT dude cranks it up and calls his colleague over to hear it. THEY FUCKING LIKE IT!!!! The dudes words I will never forget, “Yeah. Underground. That’s a rave tune.” That’s a rave tune! I can’t see how you get better than that!

But that was it. We never heard from Anton or CT ever again.

Then about 6 months later one of my two mates tells me, he was in the record shop, and this girl comes in, and asks for the new tune by DJ Seduction. That dude!?! And, they play it and it’s our fucking tune!

...Well now all of that is almost 30 years ago.

So I just bought it on discogs, it arrived this week. Now hearing it for myself. It’s definitely not my tune. It does sound a lot like my tune, it has all the of same elements, bleeps, breakbeat, subbass. The structure and the breakdown are the same, but the riffs very different. That and of course the production quality is really nice. It’s nowhere near as raw.

Anyway, it’s cool to hear it. The ideas take me back. And what’s more, I like it. It’s a good tune.


March 10, 2013
edited over 6 years ago
check out the very end of 'smile bass' i.e. from 5.17 - 'a sides - burn cali weed' nicked this in their 1992 hit....i reckon!?



March 17, 2006
edited over 9 years ago

I believe this is DJ Seduction's first release, and it's definitely on a different tip to his later hardcore/rave material. It sounds similar to the 'bleep n bass' Warp releases.

Like most of Seduction's material, the track is well produced and has aged well, making it one I'm still confident to play out to a range of crowds.