DJ Shige a.k.a. Headz3000* ‎– Fulltune

Fulltune ‎– FT-01
Cassette, Mixed, Promo


DJ Shige Side
A1 DJ Shige Intro (DJ Shige Come On)
A2 L.S.D. (4) Competent (Remix)
A3 DTF Oh Jay
A4 Kaos (2) Go For The Kill ('93)
A5 Kaos (2) Go For The Kill ('95)
A6 Public Enemy vs. DJ Shige Bring The Noize (Remix)
A7 Beats In Progress Let's Break!
A8 The KU Who's 1st
A9 Straight Out Da' Cave Fuk Da' Devil
A10 Dee Jay Doc* feat. M.C. Gold Revelations
A11 State Of Departmentz Deejot Royal T Ist In Wut
A12 C.U.S.* Das Gesetz Des Dschungels
A13 Katch 22 Lifestyles Of The Poor & Ruffneck
A14 Blue Eyes Soul Tip
A15 Dog Savage* Straight From The Underground
A16 Shogun MC Ready For Action
A17 Outlaw Sons Of The Devil (The Principles Re-Burial)
A18 Mell 'O'* Mell'O' Gone Crazy
A19 Eric B. & Rakim Complicatem
A20 L.S.D. (4) feat. Maceo Parker Watch This Event
A21 L.S.D. (4) Criticism
A22 Dope Posse Startime
A23 Gang Starr vs. Super Chase Dwyck (Remix)
Headz3000 Side
B1 DJ Shige Intro
B2 Deliverance (2) Up & Down The Country
B3 JC 001* The Flow
B4 Poet Society Grim Peaper
B5 C.U.S.* Der Imperator Schlägt Zurück
B6 F.S. Effect Do It Right
B7 Solo E Flowing Positivity (Damn I'm Hot Mix)
B8 B.R.O.T.H.E.R. Movement* Ghetto Gedden (Hip Hop Mix)
B9 The Brotherhood Descendents Of The Holocaust (Turmoil Mix)
B10 L.S.D. (4) Rhythm Attack
B11 Katch 22 Biting The Hand That Feeds
B12 Def Tex Daddy Did (Instrumental)
B13 Foundation 7 Compredator
B14 Too Fresh Two Fresh Is Taking Over
B15 Ringmaster These Rhymes Are My Rhymes
B16 DTF* In The Neighborhood
B17 True Style Critical Timin'
B18 Standing Ovation Shakaphobia
B19 Rough Element Lyrics Of A Gangster
B20 First Down Jaw Warfare
B21 Hip City Swingers I'm The Man
B22 2 X Def* 1st & Last
B23 Dope Inc. (2) The Frontal Attack
B24 K.M.C. Kru The Devil Came Up To Michigan
B25 D.A.M.N. Get'm Movin
B26 D.A.M.N. Da Souls's Da Rebel
B27 Blade (3) vs. Def Tex Born To Rule (Remix)