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1-1 Osymyso Cut-Up-Nonsense (Shir Khan Edit)
Remix – Shir Khan
1-2 Girls On Top (2) I Wana Dance With Numbers (Shir Khan Edit)
Remix – Shir Khan
1-2a Whitney Houston I Wanna Dance With Somebody
1-2b Kraftwerk Numbers
1-2c Run DMC* Its Like That
1-2d Basement Jaxx Always Be There
1-3 Basement Jaxx Always Be There (Shir Khan Edit)
Remix – Shir Khan
1-4 Unknown Artist Intergalactic Wheels Of Steel 2:52
1-4a Beastie Boys Intergalactic
1-4b Sugar Hill Gang* Rappers Delight
1-5 Jacko* Vs Q-Tip Dont Stop Til You Breathe Enough 3:56
1-5a Michael Jackson Dont Stop Til You Get Enough
1-5b Q-Tip Breathe + Stop
1-6 Young Punx* Mash Up Look Sharp (Breaks Version) 4:58
1-6a Young Punx* Vs Dizzee Rascal Fix Up, Look Sharp
1-6b Blur Crazy Beat
1-7 Unknown Artist Set It Off All Day + All Of The Night 1:14
1-7a Peaches Set It Off
1-7b The Kings* All Day And All Of The Night
1-8 The Kings* All Day And All Of The Night 2:55
1-9 Kool Hand Luke (2) Missy In Black 0:41
1-9a Missy Elliot* Get Your Freak On
1-9b ACDC* Back In Black
1-10 Kurtis Rush George Gets His Freak On 0:31
1-10a Missy Elliot* Get Your Freak On
1-10b George Michael Faith
1-11 ACDC* Back In Black 1:18
1-12 Conway Smells Like Missy 1:38
1-12a Missy Elliot* Get Your Freak On
1-12b Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit
1-13 Soulwax No Fun Vs Push It 1:02
1-13a Stooges* No Fun
1-13b Saltn Peppa* Push It
1-14 Soulwax Wish I Was A Tiger / Cannonball 3:24
1-14a Survivor Eye Of The Tiger
1-14b Skeelo* I Wish
1-14c The Breeders Cannonball
1-15 Rob Base + DJ E-Z Rock* It Takes 2 (Shir Khan Edit)
Remix – Shir Khan
1-16 Kurtis Rush Enter The Bitch (Shir Khan Edit)
Remix – Shir Khan
1-16a Metallica Enter Sandman
1-16b Missy Elliot* She's A Bitch
1-16c Cobra Killer Heavy Rotation
1-17 Freeland* 7th Nation Freeland 0:42
1-17a The White Stripes 7th Nation Army
1-18 Too Many DJs* Magnificent Romeo 2:15
1-18a Basement Jaxx Romeo
1-18b The Clash Rock The Casbah
1-19 The Clash Rock The Casbah 0:35
1-20 Luciano Amelie On Ice (Shir Khan Edit)
Remix – Shir Khan
1-20a Yann Tiersen Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain
1-21 Fatman Scoop Be Faithful (Highpass Rmx)
Remix – Highpass
1-22 Michael Jackson Billie Jean (House Mix) (Shir Khan Edit) 5:22
1-22a Michael Jackson Billie Jean
1-22b Michael Jackson Bad
1-22c Sueño Latino Sueno Latino
1-23 Unknown Artist Tellievision 1:41
1-23a Unknown Artist Spiegel TV Theme
1-24 Unknown Artist Duran Mode 2:04
1-24a Depeche Mode People Are People
1-24b Duran Duran Save A Prayer
1-25 M + H Band* Popcorn (Remix Version 87) 2:04
1-25a Hot Butter Popcorn
1-26 Trio Da Da Da (Shir Khan Edit)
Remix – Shir Khan
1-26a Trio Da Da Da
1-26b Dizzee Rascal Stop Dat
1-27 DJ Shadow / UNKLE + Roots Manuva GDMFSOB (Uncensored) 2:28
1-28 DJ Z-Trip The B-Boy From Ipanema 3:34
1-28a Stan Getz, Jao Gilberto* The Girl From Ipenema
1-29 Fuck The Copyright System Copy Me 0:59
1-29a Missy Elliot* Get Your Freak On
1-30 Unknown Artist Radio Outro (Shir Khan Edit)
Remix – Shir Khan
1-30a Unknown Artist Radio Fritz
1-30b Unknown Artist Blackboard Jungle
2-1 Fuck The Copyright System Cactus Shield 0:49
2-2 Loo + Placid* N 2 The Club (Make It Clap-Mix) 2:14
2-2a Tom Tom Club Genius Of Love
2-2b Limp Bizkit, Redman, Neptunes* N 2 Gether Now
2-3 Royskopp* Eple 0:38
2-4 Too Many DJs* Intergalactic 2:11
2-4a Herbie Hancock Rockit
2-4b Beastie Boys Intergalactic
2-4c INXS Need You Tonight
2-4d ACDC* Back In Black
2-5 DJ Tim (6) Oooh Weed 1:18
2-5a Mark Ronson Ooh Wee
2-5b Missy Elliot* Pass That Dutch
2-6 Shir Khan Sympathy For My Shaft 3:35
2-6a Peaches + Louie Austen Grab My Shaft
2-6b Stones* Sympathy For The Devil
2-6c Laid Back White Horse
2-6d Technotronic Pump Up The Jam
2-6e Neptunes* Untitled
2-6f Fatboy Slim Untitled
2-7 Unknown Artist Whats Soul Right Now-Beat 0:49
2-8 Unknown Artist Tanz Der Vampire-Skit 0:22
2-8a Unknown Artist Tanz Der Vampire
2-9 Crook Air Flawless Tag Team (Shir Khan Edit)
Remix – Shir Khan
2-9a Sean Paul Get Busy
2-9b Tagteam* Whoomp There It Is
2-9c The Ones Flawless
2-10 Soulwax Tone Loc + Kylie 1:02
2-10a Tone Loc Funky Cold Medina
2-10b Kylie Minogue Cant Get You Out Of My Head
2-11 Freelance Hellraiser Oizo + Tone Loc 2:03
2-11a Tone Loc Funky Cold Medina
2-11b Mr. Oizo Flatbeat
2-12 Disco Smells Like Disco 1:40
2-12a Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit
Remix – Dsico
2-13 Fujikato Ring My Crockett 1:24
2-13a Ann Lee Ring My Bell
2-13b FPU Crocketts Theme (Tigas White Linen Instr.)
Remix – Tiga
2-14 Fujikato Crocketts Neck 2:45
2-14a Khia My Neck, My Back
2-14b FPU Crocketts Theme (Tigas White Linen Instr.)
Remix – Tiga
2-15 Soulwax I Sit On Acid (Remix) 2:27
2-15a Lords Of Acid I Sit On Acid
Remix – Soulwax
2-16 Soulwax Detroit Grand Pubahs + New Order 0:55
2-16a Detroit Grand Pubahs Sandwiches
2-16b New Order The Beach
2-17 MC Sleazy* Milkshake (Shir Khan Edit)
Remix – Shir Khan
2-17a Blur Song 2
2-17b Kelis Milkshake
Remix – MC Sleazy*
2-18 Ultra 396* Going Down Madges Way 1:35
2-18a Lenny Kravitz Are You Gonna Go My Way ?
2-18b Madonna Music
2-19 Long Shore Drift Get This Fire Started 2:21
2-19a Pink* Get This Party Started
2-19b Prodigy* Firestarter
2-20 Blo Updoll London Burnin 3:29
2-20a The Clash London Callin
2-20b Tiga Burning Down
2-21 Lazy Tramp Cop That New Shit (Bootleggers Beware Mix) 0:52
2-21a Missy Elliot* / Timbaland / Magoo* Cop That Shit
2-21b Marilyn Manson Untitled
2-22 Hifi Brown* Nena + Eminem (Shir Khan Edit)
Remix – Shir Khan
2-22a Nena Nur Geträumt
2-22b Eminem Lose Yourself
2-22c Unknown Artist Manipulated Mark GHP
2-22d Unknown Artist Radio Paradiso
2-23 KE4 Hey Ya 3:27
2-23a Outcast* Hey Ya
2-23b AHA* Take On Me
2-23c Beach Boys* I Get Around
2-24 MC Sleazy* Billy Idol 2:17
2-24a Billy Idol Rebel Yell
Remix – MC Sleazy*
2-25 Unknown Artist In Da Club (Merengue Mix) 2:21
2-25a 50 Cent In Da Club
2-26 Go Home Productions Weather Episode (XFM Rmx / Shir Khan Edit)
Remix – Shir Khan, XFM
2-26a Dr Dre* + Snoop* The Next Episode
2-26b Crowded House Weather With You
2-26c Unknown Artist Manipulated Mark GHP
2-26d Unknown Artist Radio Paradiso
2-27 Go Home Productions Weather Episode 1:03
2-27a Dr Dre* + Snoop* The Next Episode
2-27b Crowded House Weather With You
2-28 Soundhog Cheap Money 1:41
2-28a Ole Dirty Bastard* Got Your Money
2-28b ZZ Top Cheap Sunglasses
2-29 PC Bootleggs Throwing The Message 2:12
2-29a Grandmaster Flash + The Furious Five* The Message
2-29b Fila Brazillia Throwing Down A Shape
2-30 KE4 Löwenzahn Is Over 1:01
2-30a Peter Lustig Löwenzahn
2-30b Boogie Down Productions The Bridge Is Over
2-31 IDC Feel Real Nothin 2:06
2-31a N.O.R.E* Feat. P. Diddy + Foxy Brown Nothin'
2-31b Double Six Real Good
2-31c Timothy Leary* Untitled
2-32 Crook Air Madness Like To Move It 1:43
2-32a Madness Our House
2-32b Real To Real* I Like To Move It
2-33 IDC Powerslut Kiss 2:26
2-33a Har Mar Superstar Power Lunch
2-33b Prince Kiss
2-33c Avenue D Do I Look Like A Slut
2-34 IDC House Of Gucci 2:12
2-34a The Rapture House Of Jealous Lovers
2-34b Andrea Doria Bucci Bag
2-35 Unusual Suspect Rich Mind 1:42
2-35a Stylophonics* Untitled
2-35b The Yeah Yeah Yeahs* Untitled
2-36 Bumtschak Sing It Hot 2:17
2-36a Moloko Sing It Back
2-36b Nelly Hot In Here
2-37 Go Home Productions Ray Of Gob (Extended Version) 4:37
2-37a Sex Pistols God Save The Queen
2-37b Sex Pistols Pretty Vacant
2-37c Madonna Ray Of Light
2-37d Unknown Artist Manipulated Mark GHP
2-37e Unknown Artist Radio Paradiso
2-38 William S. Burroughs Origin And Theory Of The Tape Cut-Ups 0:52
2-38a William S. Burroughs Untitled
2-39 Cassetteboy TR 398 SH LB2 TR 38 (Shir Khan Edit)
Remix – Shir Khan
2-39a Cassetteboy Untitled
2-40 MC Banane Bastard Pop 0:42
2-40a Bananen MC* Untitled



1-4: artist not listed
1-7: artist listed as "Kinky Peaches", which is the title of the 12" the track was taken from
1-20: artist listed as "Amelie On Ice", song title listed as "(Shir Khan Edit)"
1-20a: artist not listed
1-22: artist listed as "Billie Jean", song title listed as "House Mix (Shir Khan Edit)"
1-22c: artist not listed, song title listed as "Sueno Latino"
1-23: artist not listed
1-23a: artist listed as "Spiegel TV", song title listed as "Theme"
1-24: artist not listed
1-24b: song title not listed
1-30: artist not listed
1-30a: artist not listed
1-30b: artist not listed
2-2a: song title not listed
2-2b: song title not listed
2-6e: song title not listed
2-6f: song title not listed
2-7: artist not listed
2-8: artist not listed
2-8a: artist not listed
2-9c: artist not listed
2-20b: song title listed as "Blow Updoll"
2-21b: song title not listed
2-22c: artist not listed
2-22d: artist not listed
2-25: artist not listed
2-26c: artist not listed
2-26d: artist not listed
2-28a: song title not listed
2-28b: song title not listed
2-29b: song title not listed
2-31a: song title not listed
2-31b: song title not listed
2-31c: song title not listed
2-33a: song title not listed
2-33b: song title not listed
2-33c: song title not listed
2-34b: song title not listed
2-35a: song title not listed
2-35b: song title not listed
2-37d: artist not listed
2-37e: artist not listed
2-38a: song title not listed
2-39a: song title not listed
2-40a: song title not listed

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  • Matrix / Runout (CD1): FLOE 240506 CD1
  • Matrix / Runout (CD2): FLOE 240506 CD2

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