DJ /rupture ‎– Minesweeper Suite

Tigerbeat6 ‎– MEOW045
CD, Mixed

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1a J Boogie Gemini Dub 4:37
1b Mahmoud Fadl Jibal Al Nuba
2a DJ /rupture High Resolution 3:14
2b Heat Sensor Tectonic
3a Baby Cham Tables Will Turn (Bubba Mix) 4:16
3b Cutty Ranks Limb By Limb (Acappella)
3c DJ /rupture Rumbo Babylon
3d Foxy Brown Tables Will Turn (Bubba Mix)
3e General Degree Latoya: Version
4a Akrobatic* Ruff Enuff (Instrumental) 2:22
4b Baby Cham and Foxy Brown Tables Will Turn (Megamix)
4c So Takahashi Untitled A1 From "Nubus"
5a Kazamix Froggy 4:03
5b Nettle Serranito
5c Rober Kimou Maffe Rhythm
6 Mr. Fayçal 62 Ouf
Featuring – Mad Killah
7a DJ Rush Puppy Bad Man Lighter (Jump Up Mix) 2:37
7b Elastic Horizons Drums Conductor
7c Wax Poetic Angels (Acappella)
8 DJ /rupture In Front Of You 4:18
9a Cul de Sac I Remember Nothing More (DJ /rupture's Needlepoint Mix)
Remix – DJ /rupture
9b DAT Politics 3.37
9c Mentol Nomad Fallen Angels
9d Missing Linx* Same Time (Acappella)
9e Cul de Sac I Remember Nothing More (DJ /rupture's Needlepoint Mix)
Remix – DJ /rupture
10a David Wulle & Andy Garcia Untitled B2 From "Docile #4" 3:31
10b DJ 007* I Don't Invite
10c Fish & Goat At The Controls Dub Warming
10d Nettle Ballad Of Jimmy Hollin (Disco Mix)
11a David Wulle & Andy Garcia Untitled B2 From "Docile #4" 2:40
11b DJ 007* I Don't Invite
11c Fish & Goat At The Controls Dub Warming
11d Nettle Ballad Of Jimmy Hollin (Disco Mix)
12a Gregory Whitehead Ziggurat 5:02
12b Nina Simone Plain Gold Ring
13a dead prez Police State (Acappella) 3:27
13b DJ Mutamassik* Babomb
13c Joshua Abrams Crossing Kingston Bridge
13d Music of The Pearl Divers Tanzila
13e So Takahashi Untitled B1 From "Nubus"
14 Igbal Jobi and Party Sorath 3:05
15a DJ Scud & Christoph Fringeli Ruled By The Mob 3:02
15b Sardara Gill Apna Sangheet Sings Apna Sangheet (Speedy Gonzalez Mix)
Remix – Speedy Gonzalez
16 Mad Lion Up From The Undaground (Instrumental) 1:08
17a Rotator Enemy 2:46
17b Xzibit, Ras Kass, Mad Lion, KRS-One Up From The Undaground
Producer – Mad Lion
18a DJ Scud Discipline Of D.E.
18b Rotator Trash 'N Ready
19a BlackJewishGays From Allright Reverse Vol.2 1:49
19b Borbetomagus Untitled From "L'Atlas Des Galaxies Etranges"
19c DJ Mutamassik* Show 2 Show (DJ /rupture Remix)
Remix – DJ /rupture
19d Gilles Gobeil Associations Libres
19e DJ Mutamassik* Show 2 Show (DJ /rupture Remix)
Remix – DJ /rupture
20a Aphasic Bloody Nora 1:55
20b Shinehead Rough & Rugged
21a Eiterherd Masturbator 2:50
21b Roberta Flack Killing Me Softly
22a Aaliyah Are You That Somebody? (Instrumental) 4:48
22b Djivan Gasparyan Brother Hunter
22c Kid606 Dandy
22d Nettle Defragmentation
22e Rik Rue Other Voices 1
23 The Kat Cosm MHh04 1:15
24a Cex I Am Soundboy 2:23
24b Donna Summer (2) Big Work
24c Eightball & M.J.G. We Started This (Acappella)
24d Jingles Everlasting Life



There are 24 trackpoints.
Artist of track 15a is originally listed as Bodysnatcher.
Artist of tracks 16 and 17b is originally listed as Temple of Hip Hop Culture



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October 7, 2004
edited over 14 years ago
This is one of the craziest, most eclectic mixes I've ever heard. DJ /rupture incorporates what seems like music from every corner of the globe, from Eastern Indian sitars, to '80s Euro Pop to contemporary European & American techno, to African hip-hop to English jungle to Caribbean dub & steel drums... Nina Simone's vocals are layered over electro, Indian vocals are layered over drum & bass, there's straight up rap, cracked out experimental... I think it would be easier to name the styles of music that don't have samples on this mix!

What makes this album truly amazing is that it works. I have no idea how. But it does, and that's /rupture's genius. If a good DJ mix is greater than the sum of its parts, this is an excellent DJ mix. Even if you don't particularly care for a lot of the tracks in the mix, you have to admire /rupture's ability to make these tracks work.

I've given this mix to many friends and their reactions are all the same, something along the lines of 'what the hell was that? and how did it actually sound good?'

I can't even imagine what his live DJ sets are like!