DM&P ‎– Insular Dwarfism

AudioTong ‎– ATCD15.2011


1 sea serpent fiesta
2 trepanning for dummies
3 glass of water
4 the worm and a dip pen
5 medecine man
6 power of fool bitch system
7 reason in question
8 uv mother dp
9 wok wet to sing



Insular Dwarfism: The process whereby animals living on small islands or in other environments with constrained gene pools reduce in size over time through a process of natural selection.

When we first started playing together five years ago, there was a very modest local improvised music scene in Kraków and extremely few clubs or venues were prepared to support or encourage this kind of music.

Faced with a situation in which opportunities to exchange ideas with like-minded musicians were severely limited, we were forced to withdraw into ourselves, hone down our extravagant ideas and rein in our reckless impulses in a somewhat vain attempt to pin down and maintain a vestige of necessary control over what made our music valuable or different without sacrificing the sense of adventure and spontaneity that lay at its core.

The degree to which we have managed to achieve this alternately frustrating and rewarding task is arguable, but the moments when everything goes right more than make up for those when we miss the boat and everything crumbles into oblivion.