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Secret Thirteen Journal ‎– STJ 041
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November 7, 2012

“Secret Thirteen Mix 041” is a mercurial musical selection that sets up sound possibilities by systematically investigating its micro-material, sources, flexibility and mobility. Transdimensional, powerfully encoded recording matrix await every thoughtful music researcher, collector and passionate lover.

The author of the mix is Chris Douglas (born 1974), Scottish/American sound sculptor, musician and DJ who lives and works in Germany. He produces music under the O.S.T, Dalglish, Scald Rougish and another four pseudonyms to achieve a diverse sound expression. There are three facts that clearly reflect Douglas’ authoritativeness in the intellectual dance music scene. Firstly, Chris Douglas has effectively glowed in the darker horizon of electronic music for 20 years. Secondly, he has explored and partially developed genres like IDM, dance-hostile techno and dark ambient. Thirdly, he released over 25 records on such labels as Highpoint Lowlife, iDEAL Recordings, Shitkatapult and others. If it’s not enough, we invite all of you to read more about Chris Douglas on the online encyclopedia – Wikipedia.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 041” is a distant and extraordinary audio voyage that guides the listener through 78 never published multifarious works by Dalglish created between 2000 and 2012. The basis of the recording is formed from the progressively shifting trajectories of sustained sweeping atmospheres that are enhanced with innovative musical devices effects and mathematically calculated sound particles activity. There are no specific architectonic and emotional developing principles therefore the unstable background is full of unexpected organically mutating sound formations that can be described as probability theory. Constantly collapsing and renewing colossal rhythmical structures effectively overlay the intense Cimmerian foundation of distorted melodies. The experimentation with motion and depth of tones is one of the priority in order to create overlapping ambiance and sparkling electromagnetic fields. By accumulating intuitively unfolding glitchy and differently wide musical patterns, the structure regenerates into more and more complex mechanism.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 041” is like a modern Gego’s abstract geometric drawing “Untitled” where incorporated ideas of the industry, science and architecture expose a vision of the expanding shadowy sphere that strangely frightens subconsciousness with immeasurable illusions.