Dalhous, Morkebla ‎– Fading Somewhere Else III

Resonance (4) ‎– none
File, MP3, WAV, Mixed


1 David Bowie Sense Of Doubt (Live Odeon TV 1977)
2 Tom Wolff Unknown OST Excerpt
3 Heroin In Tahiti Death Surf
4 Oleg Yanchenko Unknown OST Excerpt
5 K. Leimer Acquiescence
6 Croatian Amor, Lust For Youth Louisiana 1996
7 Yellow Magic Orchestra Light In Darkness
8 Akira Yamaoka Blood Pulse
9 Caroline K Tracking with Close-Ups
10 Iasos The Royal Court Of Goddess Vesta
11 Morkebla RE-2001
12 Truce (9) The Marseillaise Of Love
13 Vangelis Amore
14 Croatian Amor New Year
15 Weightausend Green Death
16 Croatian Amor, Angeles (4) Legs Around Nadim
17 Clint Mansell Coney Island Dreaming
18 Mark Reeder Work
19 Oleg Yanchenko Florya Shoots Hitler's Portrait
20 John Cameron (2) Psychomania Front Titles
21 Юрий Морозов Excerpt from Human Extinction (Unreleased)
22 Shane Carruth Copies Of Copies
23 Shane Carruth Leaves Expanded May Be Prevailing Blue Mixed With Yellow Of The Sand
24 Wayne Bell & Tobe Hooper A Room Of Feathers And Bones
23 Юрий Морозов Excerpt from The Inexplicable (Unreleased)
24 Edgar Froese Snake Bath
25 Akira Yamaoka Garbled
26 Aminadav Aloni Found!
27 Nocturnal Emissions Acres Of Gold
28 Kenji Kawai A Dischordant Split
29 Herbert Eimert Klangstudie II
30 Purple Circles Scarlet Chest
31 Эдуард Артемьев Solaris Main Title
32 Sollilja Another Room
33 Anna Homler, Steve Moshier Yesh' Te
34 Brahim Yilmaz Languor Of The Moon
35 Morkebla The Third Place
36 Rosen & Spyddet Fortuna
37 Else Marie Pade Faust Suite: Epilog
38 Norwell Fent-Lent



Fading Somewhere Else is a new show by Morkebla & Dalhous. The series hopes to explore and streamline some of the music that has influenced their philosophy in the sound-exploration of unconscious states of self.