Damo Suzuki ‎– Damo In Dunedin

Next Best Way ‎– NBWay04


1 Untitled 21:35
2 Untitled 10:25



Recorded 24th of February 2007 at Arc Cafe in Dunedin, New Zealand

"New very limited (50 copies) release on Galbraith’s own Nextbestway label and only available from Volcanic Tongue. This is an amazing set, documenting Damo Suzuki of Can’s visit to Dunedin on 24th February 2007. And sure, there have been endless half-assed local band blow-outs featuring Damo over the past few years but this is a really remarkable recording, not least for the band that Galbraith put together for the occasion, with himself on Velvets-damaged violin, Robbie Yeats of The Dead C on drums, Matt Middleton aka Crude on saxophone, Joan George on bass, Tristan Dingemans on guitar and Damo on vocals. The fidelity is classic Xpressway-style, a feel that’s beautifully compounded by the photocopied inserts with typewriter credits and every copy comes with a hand-painted collage on the back. The sound is wild, with Yeats’s punk-primitive approach to detonating time giving it the feel of a massively ragged Dead C blow-out. The set feels really organic, building into overloaded peaks of amp destruction and mainlined jams before fading back to spare repeat-o minimalist oblivion, while Damo makes with some of his most mantric incantatory vocals. The whole deal has a classic 90s underground feel and it’s easily the best fucking record that Damo has made since he pulled the plug on Can. Highly recommended." -- volcanictongue.com