Daniel Mm ‎– A Divina Comédia de Dante, Canto 1

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On 11 August 2012, in the event "A foot of culture 3", was presented an old proposal born in the Vanguarda Paulista by Arrigo Barnabé, where the comics were united with the music, the idea was taking shape, and from an article by composer Luciano Bério, Daniel MM decided to make his own interpretation of the Divine Comedy, taking advantage of an old composition of his on the songs of Dante's Inferno, separating only the first corner, drawing the comic that would tell the story of the path in the dark forest , using the text of the first translation of Joaquim Pinto de Campos' (1819 - 1887) Divine Comedy into Portuguese, produced in 1886, taken from an original copy.

It counts on the participation of Tiago Malta, doing the acoustic, keyboard and reciting the poem. The main proposal here is to make an experiment in the union of three arts: poetry, music, and drawing, without one being submissive to another. The recording was made live, it will take the goodwill of those who listen to understand the proposal, because the recording was not perfect in height and timbres.