Daniele Santagiuliana ‎– Doppelganger

Looney-Tick Productions ‎– EAFMC0155
CDr, Album, Limited Edition


1 And The River Vomited Me Out 3:42
2 Saints Of The Alleys 5:56
3 Shaking The Smoke Away 4:21
4 Room #262 4:36
5 The Animal Hour 5:58
6 Guilt 2:26
7 Night Games 4:01
8 Doppelganger 4:29
9 Wind 4:50


Recorded between August and September 2015.
Graphic by Daniele Santagiuliana, inlay by Daniele Santagiuliana and Ernesto Brusati.
This album is dedicated to the memory of Ian Johnstone.
Thanks to: Ava Elisa, Gianni Pedretti, Davide Borghi.


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March 3, 2016


Every human being that, for some reasons, is in the condition of having to study himself, will need
to understand the good / evil dualism of his nature, and to be conscious about this. This
consciousness surely brings us to elaborate larger thoughts and to better understand ourselves,
but sometimes it could happen that a sort of dissociation happens, phenomenon that brings to the
separation between the “good I” and the “bad I”, this last one in German called Doppelganger, the
title of the new Daniele Santagiuliana’s album, that usually precedes something bad, but that,
maybe, is the result of the try to throw out the bad things that a human being has inside (maybe
because these things become too much great and cumbersome), giving “human form” to his
opposite, creating a perfect copy.

The Daniele Santagiuliana’s album faces the topic of the separation between the “good I” and the
“bad I” by means of a severe and baritone, as well as full of touchable ‘80s spleen singing style, of
slow martial rhythmic cadences and of retro and minimalist sounds. Nine “omens” (as the
musician prefers to define), that recall Jandek’s Blue Corpse as well as Michael Gira, but also
Black Egg’s Songs of death and deception, released only some weeks ago, this last one above all in
songs such as the opener And the river vomited me out. Apart from the musical side, what hits in
this work (and this album proves the Musician’s songwriting 360° approach) is the lyrical element.

In fact, often, the lyrics are the fundamental element in order to understand the anxiety and the
state of separation of what we were talking about. There aren’t any banal lyrics, but lyrics that
describe different moods, omens of something that could happen and deep melancholy, close to
poetry. If the already cited opener talks about a particularly suffered, vomited, physical separation,
Shaking the smoke away shows the act of cutting ourselves as an act of reappropriation of the
pain, of what we put out, in order to feel alive, to feel inside of ourselves that part that we have
thrown out. In Night games there’s a sense of inadequacy, a sense of feeling ourselves empty, like
Sphynxes waiting for a blessing, for a cure to our inner pains, that only the inner reappropriation
of our double can grant us, a double without which we are incomplete, as if we were persons that
search for themselves in a cloud made of smoke, after having vomited our double, after having
expelled it from our chest, cough after cough.

Musically, the songs drag themselves upon slow structures, slipping towards the oblivion, an
infinite ocean from which the enormous depth can’t be imagined, sometimes making the guitar
talk, as in Saints of the alleys, sometimes making the electronic rhythmics talk, as in the Cobaininfluenced
The animal hour or in Night games. Guilt master, one of the best songs of the album,
makes experiments also with the spoken word, used as a tool to which give the voice of the inner
inwardness of the human being.

Doppelganger is a very particular work, that needs several listenings in order to be understood at
its best, as well as the reading of very clever lyrics, that will invite to think about ourselves and
about our human nature of persons who, in order to live, need to have the right number of
elements inside of themselves, and in the right balance.

Score: 8
Label: Looney-Tick Productions
Author: Alessandro Flux Violante
Website: http://fluxproject.altervista.org/daniele-santagiuliana-doppelganger