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October 11, 2018
referencing Droppin' Science Volume 10, 12", DS 010
Crime 96 has to be one of the biggest baddest tech step tunes there ever was. Brutal bass and super saturated chopped, loose breaks all over the shops. As kroma said below, the bass has hints of Shadow Boxing but it's far more aggressive. Ruff!
Crime does not pay.


August 17, 2013
edited over 2 years ago
referencing Droppin' Science Volume 10, 12", DS 010

Kroma below couldn't be more right with his review Danny Breaks 'Droppin' Science Volume 10'. 'The Bear' is pure funkdafied drum & bass but with a low down and dirty feel to the bass and breaks, as opposed to the more high polished, easy listening vibe that other funk/jazz influenced D&B tracks tended to lean towards. It's 'Crime '96' which steals it for me with it's sheer skilful breakbeat manipulation and that nasty as hell bass-growl. I have wondered whether that 'Crime '96' is a tech-step reworking of Danny's own 'Step Off' track, as it uses some of the same sound effects in places? A storming release from a high period of creativity within the scene.


December 6, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
referencing Droppin' Science Volume 10, 12", DS 010

This record is a great example of why 1996 is my favorite year so far for Drum'n'Bass (whether its a coincedence that its also the year I started listening I couldn't say).

The keyword here is DIVERSITY! Something that doesnt seem to exist much anymore in todays segemented and pigeonholed "scene".

- "The Bear" throws filtered drum breaks, wah-guitar basslines, sweet keys and smooth flute samples into the mix to create what would be the perfect theme for a modern Blaxploitation film.

- "Crime '96" on the other hand is some of the darkest and angriest Drum'n'Bass ive ever heard, with a massive Shadow Boxing-esque bassline strewn over distorted drum edits and spooky pad sounds.

Both sides feature truly insane break chopping and an unmistakable attention to detail. Every passing bar seems to present something new to the track, unlike most of todays repetitive and uninspired rubbish.

Listen to this record, and others like it - and remember how much potential Drum'n'Bass had.