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1 Star Children (2) Noxious 8:00
2 Darma Extension 8:00
3 Star Children (2) No Escape 8:27
4 Darma Silence 8:40
5 Star Children (2) Athlos 8:00
6 Darma Uprising 8:30
7 Star Children (2) Black Out 7:32
8.1 Darma Revenant 8:56
8.2 Star Children (2) Unreal (Untitled Mix)

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P&C DR Recordings 2000

Track 8 holds a hidden track, a chill out version of Star Children's "Unreal" track. It starts after a long pause after track 8. Total duration of track 8 is 18:33.


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February 22, 2018
This something you would find on something called "Greatest Goa tracks of all time" which would be a compilation of 40 tracks 4 minutes long that you had never heard before..........and would never want to hear a second time. No intended disrespect to the artists, but this is bad. If you had never heard Classic Goa Trance before and were very high, it could be the greatest thing you ever heard in your life. So who am I to say.


August 5, 2013
edited over 7 years ago

Star Children >>> Darma


November 4, 2011
edited over 9 years ago
Greeks... at the beginning they copied the Italo Disco from Italia( Palmer, Mariana etc ), then copied psy scene from us (but I forgive them cause they're my neighbors), scene SFX (Astral Projection for days) formed in 1989. no idea what is this album but if you interested to hear the word Nitzhonot said right, ask Agneton to send you my clip ;-)



September 16, 2011

WHAT AN AMAZING RELEASE!! In my opinion the term Nitzhonot does not describe the music of this cd at all. It has nothing to do with the Israeli sound. I think it should be called "epic trance", especially the Darma tracks, the last track it gives me the feeling that I am part of a cavalry charge!! It's duration is not 18 minutes but after 3-4 minutes of silence there are 2 hidden mixed tracks,-one by Star Children and one by Darma-with total duration around 6 minutes. The hidden Star Children track is a remix of their track "Unreal" see various-melodic morning for further information.
The Darma tracks EXCELL with very nice, trippy epic melodies-You will even hear something like a distant lighting at some point!-although the 2nd track (the 4th of the compilation) may be a little repetitive, while Star Children tracks have a happier and more uplifting tone.
This is a MUST even if You do not like Nitzhonot because this is NOT Nitzhonot this is a must even if it won't be one of your favourites because this is a very rare genre of trance and from what I know only Greek