Das Synthetische Mischgewebe ‎– Casual Praise Of Domestic Calamities

Hypnagogia ‎– GIA02
CD, Album, Limited Edition


1 In Spite Of 0:42
2 Altitude, Assembled To Trigger Humiliation 6:15
3 Russet Red Vapor Slips Into Ø Albae Nymphaeacea 6:08
4 Combine Ballet 6:06
5 The Flocculation Of A Pulp Ocean 11:16
6 Milk Rivers 8:08
7 A Male Ear, Hails It Clearly 6:56
8 Born In Loss Scintillating (Part 1) 9:18
9 Born In Loss Scintillating (Part 2) 5:06
10 Untitled 1:00



Edition of 500.
Clear vinyl case with insert + card.

All compositions by Guido Huebner, created between 1999 and 2004 in Caen, France and Berlin, Germany.
Sections of track 6 recorded in the studio for electro acoustic music at the arts academy of Berlin.
Field recordings for track 8 and 9 were carried out at the harbour of Hamburg, Germany, as well as at the shores of Lower Normandy and in the countryside around Caen, especially the bridges trespassing the canal between Caen and the sea.

(Track 10 is a silent track which does not appear on the CD label).


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January 18, 2011

A substantial recent work from this veteran of the early 1980s industrial/electronics scene, who started off releasing cassettes in Berlin around that time. Guido Huebner realised these 10 works over 1999-2004 in France and Germany , and here they are in a striking package on the UKs hypnagOgia label. These musical assaults are quietly devastating, exceedingly subtle in their efforts to disturb and undermine normality.
At first listen, you may suppose you're dealing with nothing more than any other 'normal' slice of dribbling electronica, but after several minutes of immersion, you're ears start to tell you that something is wrong. The music can eat into your psyche like acid. Nothing overtly noisy or aggressive here: just a sinister quietness, seeping into your bloodstream like a slow-acting toxin.
The title alone should clue you in to Heubner's agenda: he's taking a deliberately detached stance from commonplace horrors. Domesticity and family life might be under attack; there are four tiny images on the cover, which show a couple rendered as plastic Lego figures. In three of the poses, they're probably copulating; in one image, they're fighting. These images, of which there's a large acrylic painting version on the front cover, are credited to Francoise Vigot. Add to this the so-called 'track titles', which are in fact lengthy pieces of scrambled prose full of broken images hinting at grotesqueries and blasphemies of all stripes, and you have a fine package of subversive mayhem in your mitts.
Musically, the collection also works - it's a very strong example of well-wrought modern electro-acoustic composition. Filled with tension and very striking clashes of textures; occasionally gets a little digital agitation going, like stirring up an electronics hornets nest. Not pleasant. Evil metallic clicks and whirrs fill the air, suggestive of the human body's 'clock' being taken to pieces, cog by cog, and rebuilt in the wrong order to transform the human frame into a clockwork bogey-man. Huebner is a nasty piece of work, an evil scientist rewiring the bodies and souls of many innocent bystanders. - THE SOUND PROJECTOR ( UK )