Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes ‎– Coffins Have No Pockets (The Audio Guide To The Devil Drives)

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1 Introduction By H.G. Nelson "Rackin' Up Some Zeds" (Excerpt)
2 H.G. Nelson "Where Does It Fit Into The Graney Ouvre?" "Man On The Make" (Excerpt)
3 Dave Talks About The Album Production H.G. Nelson "Africa, The Limpopo Is All This On The Cards, Dave?" "Pascal Et Caroline" (Excerpt)
4 Dave Talks Further About Producing The Album
5 H.G. Nelson: "Now I Think There's A Rolled Gold Number One ..."
6 Dave Graney Talks About Everybody Loves A Mass Killer "Everybody Loves A Mass Killer" (Excerpt)
7 H.G. Nelson: Talks About The Beautiful Voice Of Clare Moore "I Love Your Gravity" (Excerpt)
8 Dave Talks About The Sheriff Of Hell "The Sheriff Of Hell" (Excerpt)
9 Dave Talks About Feelin' Kinda Sporty "Feelin' Kinda Sporty" (First Single - Full Version)
10 Dave & H.G. Shoot The Breeze Before "I Dig The Pioneers" (Excerpt)
11 Dave Talks Further About Producing The Album
12 Dave Talks About His Identity & Career Over The Past 3 Albums "Pianola Roll" (Excerpt)
13 Dave Talks About Land Of The Giants "Land Of The Giants" (Excerpt)
14 Dave Talks About "My Only Regret" (Excerpt) And Serge Gainsbourg
15 Dave Talks About The Title Track "The Devil Drives"
16 H.G. Nelson Closes The Show
17 A Biker In Business Class (Full Version)