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"Baal's Hymn" (Brecht/Muldowney) - 4:02
"Remembering Marie A" (Traditional, adapted by Brecht/Muldowney) - 2:07
"Ballad of the Adventurers" (Brecht/Muldowney) - 2:01
"The Drowned Girl" (Brecht/Weil) - 2:26
"The Dirty Song" (Brecht/Muldowney) - 0:38

"Baal" was the first play written by German dramatist Bertolt Brecht, one which he constantly rewrote througout his entire life. David Bowie is perfectly cast in the BBC production of a one-hour version of the play, as the alcoholic, womanizing, murderous itinerant muscian/poet title character. Zoe Wanamaker is also terrific as one of Baal's girlfriends. Not everyone's cup of tea for sure but for those looking for something different or for fans of Bowie, definitely worth searching out.

PLUS a 20 minute US TV interview about Bowie's performance of John Merrick "The Elephant Man" with excerpts from the stage play and a very lucid interview with Tim Rice.

Note that the timings listed on the rear jacket, as above, for the musical performances in "Baal" are a straight lift from the EP release David Bowie - David Bowie In Bertolt Brecht's Baal. However, "Baal's Hymn" is not performed as a full run through of the song in the play itself, instead it features Bowie at intervals singing a few stanzas of the song (just Bowie and banjo not the fully orchestrated version on the EP) by way of introduction to each chapter of the play. In addition, the blurb above is incorrect in stating that the bonus interview is from a US source. In fact, like "Baal" the source is the BBC from a late night chat show called "Friday Night and Saturday Morning" that ran from 1979-82. It also fails to mention that part of the interview also covers the then newly released album "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps".

"Baal" broadcast date 2nd of March 1982, "Friday Night And Saturday Morning" broadcast on 10 October 1980.

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