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The Middle Ages: Woodwind
Shawn - 'Saltarello' 1:49
Reed Pipe - 'Shepherd's Tune' 0:56
Bagpipe Cylindrical Chanter - 'Saltarello' 1:12
Bagpipe Conical Chanter - Ballade "Dame Se Vous M'estes" 1:55
Bladder Pipes - Pastourelle "Au Tans D'aost" From The "Chansonnier Cangé" 1:04
Panpipes - Chanson À Refrain "A Prisai Qu'En Chantant Plour" From The "Chansonnier Cangé" 1:09
Transverse Flute - Minnesinger Melody "Owe Daz Nach Liebe Gat" 1:30
Six-holed Pipe - Chanson Pieuse "Dou Tres Douz Non" With Improvised Prelude And Postlude For Jew's Harp 1:15
Double Pipes - Virelai "Gracieusette" 1:15
Pipe & Tabor - Dansa "Ben Volgra, S'Esser Poges" 1:08
Recorder - English 'Te Deum' 1:49
Gemshorn - Chansonnette "Quant Je Voy Yver Retorner" 1:29
The Middle Ages: Keyboard
Portative Organ - Madrigal "Ay Schonsolato Ed Amoroso" 1:38
Positive Organ - "Estampie" From The "Robertsbridge Fragment" 2:17
Hurdy-Gurdy - Chanson "Joliveté Et Bone Amor" 1:35
Clavichord - "Ellend Du Hast" 2:08
The Middle Ages: Brass
Trumpet / Clarion - Fanfare "Untarn Slaf Tut Den Sumer Wol" 1:00
Trumpet / Buisine - Fanfare "Ad Modum Tubae" 1:14
Cowhorn - Ballade "De Moi Doloureus Vos Chant" 0:36
Mediaeval Cornett - "Das Nachthorn" 0:54
Slide Trumpet - Geisslerlied "Maria Muoter Reinû Maît" 0:54
Mediaeval Cornett, Slide Trumpet, Alto Shawn, Tabor - "Der Trumpet" 1:02
The Middle Ages: Strings
Harp (Metal Strung) - Lai "Qui Porroit Un Guierredon" (From The Chansonnier Cangé) 1:09
Harp (Gut Strung) - Dance Tune 0:59
Lyre - Goliard Melody "O Roma Nobilis" 0:41
Psaltery - Hymn To St. Magnus "Nobilis Humilis" 0:57
Dulcimer - Madrigal "Tanto Soavemente" 1:53
Lute - Madrigal "Di Novo É Giunto" 2:10
Mandora - Chanson "Amours Que Porra" 1:17
Long-necked Lute - "Aquel Que De Voontade" From The "Cantigas De Santa Maria" 1:12
Gittern - Virelai "Quant Je Sui Mis" 0:56
Citole - 'English Dance' 1:42
Rebec - 'La Septime Estampie Real' 1:13
Fiddle - Ballata "Poi Che Da Te Mi Convien" 1:21
Bowed Lyre - Virelai "Comment Qu'a Moy" 1:29
Tromba Marina - Improvised Fanfare: Motet "Quant Ie Le Voi - Bon Vin Doit - Cis Chans Veult Boire" From The "Roman De Fauvel" 1:00
The Renaissance: Woodwind
Shawn - Two Courantes From "Newe Teutsche Weltliche Gesänglein" 2:07
Curtal - Chanson "Ce Qui Souloit" 1:39
Rackett - "Caro Ortolano" From "Il Primo Libren Di Balli" 1:26
Crumhorn - "Padouana" From The "Banchetto Musicale" 2:04
Cornamuse - Bicinium "Le Cuer De Vous" From Georg Rhaw's "Bicinia Gallica Et Latina" 1:05
Kortholt - Bicinium "Mon Petit Cueur" From Georg Rhaw's "Bicinia Gallica Et Latina" 1:15
Rauschpfeife - "Three Bransles Doubles" From "Terpsichore" 1:29
Flute - Chanson "Amor Me Poingt" From Pierre Attaingnant's Second Book Of "Chansons Musicales" 1:18
Recorder 8' Consort - Chanson "Hellas! Amour" From Pierre Attaingnant's Second Book Of "Chansons Musicales" 2:12
Recorder 4' Consort - "The Fairie Round" From "Pavans, Galliards, Almains And Other Short Aeirs" 1:17
The Renaissance: Keyboard
Renaissance Organ - 'Entrada Réal' 2:13
Regal - Prelude "Ascensus Simplex" From The "Fundamentum Organisandi" 0:21
Regal - "Min Hertz Hat Sich Ser Gefröwet" From The "Buxheim Orgelbuch" 1:07
Harpsichord - "Toccata" From The "Naples MS" 1:53
Virginals - Variations On The "Romanesca" From The "Dublin Virginal Book" 2:28
Xylophone - "Ballo Francese" From "Il Primo Libro Di Balli" 0:57
The Renaissance: Brass
Trumpet (Unmuted) - "Toccata" From "Orfeo" In C Major 0:37
Trumpet (Muted) - "Toccata" From "Orfeo" In D Major 0:37
Sackbut (Solo) - "Adagio & Allegro" From The "Sonata For Trombone, 2 Violins And Continuo" 1:26
Sackbut (Consort) - "Lobt Gott Ihr Christen Alle Gleich" From "Musae Sionae IV" 1:24
Cornett - Canzona For "Due Canti" From "Canzoni Da Sonare" 3:00
Alto & Tenor Cornett - Bicinium "Amour Organ" From Georg Rhaw's "Bicinia Gallica Et Latina" 1:13
Serpent - Canzona Quarta For 'Basso Solo' From The "Canzoni Da Sonare" 2:15
The Renaissance: Strings
Lute - Orlando Sleepeth 1:36
Theorbo - 'A Fancy' 1:39
Mandora - "Ballo Anglese" From "Il Primo Libro Di Balli" 1:00
Cittern - "Galliarde For Cittern & Bass" From "The Cittharn Schoole" 2:12
Ceterone - "Toccata Prima" From The "Intavolatura Di Lute, Et Di Chitarrone" 1:36
Bandora - "Galliard" From The "Braye Bandora M.S." 0:45
Orpharion - Duet "Le Rossignol" From "Jane Pickering's Lute Book" 1:28
Vihuela - "Fantasia XI" From "El Maestro" 2:42
Guitar - 'Pavana' (Variations On The Romanesca) From The "Braye Lute Book" 1:26
Viol (Consort) - 'Fantasy In Four Parts' (Superius Part Reconstructed By Thurston Dart) 1:56
Viol Lyra - Duet "Forget Me Not" 1:15
Violin - 'La Volta' 1:27



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January 27, 2015
referencing Instruments Of The Middle Ages And Renaissance, 2xLP + Box, Boo, SBZ-3810
The book, originally published by Oxford University Press, is the centerpiece of this very interesting 2 disc box set. Like the recording, book chapters are grouped by instruments: Part I Middle Ages -- woodwind, keyboard, brass, strings, percussion, Part II -- same progression of instruments for Renaissance. The paper stock is superb, as are the illustrations, photographs, and discussion by Munrow.