Dead Body Collection ‎– She Is Like Winter...

Ikebukuro Dada ‎– IKD-13
3 × Cassette, Single Sided, Limited Edition, C60


A White 30:00
C Cold 30:00
E ...And Dead 30:00


Limited to 30 copies.


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December 27, 2011
edited over 6 years ago
“She Is Like The Winter….” is the latest slice of brutal, unforgiving and death stench heavy Walled noise from the hugely prolific Serbian based project Dead Body Collection.This release offers up three single sided C60 tapes which feature three half an hour brutal lessons in gruelling, suffocating and rapidly battering HNW.

As one would expect with this projects ghoulish & grim obsession with murders, copses and gut-churning medical procedures the artwork for the box set is very nasty & gruesome. The long white cassette case, that holds the three tapes, features on it’s outside front a murky ‘n’ grim picture of a naked female corpse that has been burnt near to a crisp in a few places, on the back cover we have two more grim pictures of bloody and nude women. Inside the case we get on the none tape side a picture DBC playing live in his Doctors coat & creepy white manikin like mask, and over on the other side of the box are the three tapes which feature the grim colour image from the front cover spread over the three tapes fronts.

The three thirty minute tracks featured here are entitled “White”, “Cold” & “ And Dead” which of course nicely ends off the boxsets title in a fittingly grim manner.
The first track “White” finds DBC unfolding an rapid & unrelenting mixture of rumbling judder & reeling caustic drone that has sunk just under it’s surface this wiring fish rod reel like industrial type element and battering almost drum like ragging feel- it's a truly nasty & effective start to the set.

Track two “Cold” is another rapid and unforgiving track that finds DBC brutal bounding together ripping 'n’ brutally whirring noise dwells with low down bass like rages & rattling/ overloaded ball bearing like revolutions. It’s an ‘ok’ piece of raging wall-making, but it does’nt really vary enough from the template of the first track to make it stand out.

Track Three “And Dead” once again comes off as very battering, rapid and thick like the other two tracks, but for some reason I find it a bit more rewarding & urgent then the second, & it’s almost as rewarding as the first track. The ‘walls’ built once more around a constantly raging mix of noise tones, and this time it’s a mixture of tense rumbles, vibrations and judderings. The ‘wall’s layers seem to nicely shift and alternate as your mind picks up first one noise tone then the next. All told a nice raging if slightly predicable slice of HNW.

So this box set offers up three raging, unrelenting and rapid slices of intense walled noise- Track ones very effective in it’s overload urgent attack, Track two sounds too similar to track one & lacks it’s moorish brutality, and Track three is an effective if little predicable slice of ragging rapidity. Really if you’re a fan of DBC's other work this is a no brainer & a grim looking collector’s item, but if your new to the ghoulish, grim & brutal wares of DBC it’s best to start somewhere else first as this isn’t his finest moment through it’s neither a complete failure either.

Rating: 3 out of 5

by Roger Batty

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