Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips ‎– Love / Fallin' In Love



Dean Wareham Love 4:21
Britta Phillips Fallin' In Love 3:38



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May 8, 2014
edited over 4 years ago
referencing Love / Fallin' In Love, 7", Ltd, Blu, SHADE 017

I've always considered Dean and Britta to be like the artistic and secretive aunt and uncle my family only whispered about in the most hushed of conversations. Some said they were counter intelligence spies, others said that they'd made their money through the development of the rheostat that allowed car's intermittent wipers to function. But for me it was all a moot point, I thought they were wonderful and enchanting, that their relentless travelings were magical, and since we connected on an elemental level, postcards and cassette tapes would arrive at my door from scattered corners of the globe ... filled with intriguing wonders, until one day in 1969, they were never heard from again.

Dean and Britta now fill that void for me, and on this dreamy musical postcard, where Dean covers the Robyn Hitchock song "Love", and Britta delivers such a hauntingly intoxicated version of The Beach Boys' "Fallin' In Love," that will lay you out as it caresses your soul ... both causing a hypnotic smile to slide across my face. Sure you can download this bit of wanderlust, but finding the coloured vinyl delivered to your front door like some long lost postcard, will set your heart to racing, and swim through your head like half forgotten memories of bygone days.

So, while I certainly miss my aunt and uncle, Dean and Britta are still traveling the globe, and just when I expect it least, as in days long gone, in rolls a musical postcard ... and when they're in town, I still get to have an enchanted conversation.

*** There are only 20 copies of the blue marbled version, and some of those have variations appearing more green, grey, or turquoise, the rest are black, with a total edition of 350 copies. This is THE most beautiful and thought-out presentation I've ever seen, the lettering is gold embossed, the stock is fist class and brilliantly white, the vinyl is magically coloured, and the images on Side A and B are variations of each other ... nothing has been left to chance. It also comes with a postcard from Formosa Records that's a treasure unto itself. Please purchase this if you have the opportunity.

Review by Jenell Kesler