Death Before Disco / Scubadevils ‎– Ministry / Celestial Symphony

NovaMute ‎– P12 NoMu 20
Vinyl, 12", Promo




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April 20, 2004

I've been waiting to write about this one because it's so GOD-DAMN GOOD I wanted to make it worth my while. Problem is it really defies words - even mine. How do you effectively write about a track that you deify yourself? Music is like business in terms of efficiency and effectiveness - when it's smooth and seamless, you know you have a winner. Both of these tracks (written by David Holmes) are just so damn good! They flow from start to finish and never seem to drag. They are not necessarily virtuoso, and their simplicity is their strength. They are just very well-written and flawlessly executed. They defy my words. Just buy this damn record and play it if you're a DJ. Don't simply call it trance because it's more than that. It's music. Techno once embodied music. These tracks weren't written just for commercial success, they were written out of love for music using the machines of techno. It shows in the choice of notes and the flawless execution of the mixes, right down to every last detail of the production. I deify these because they are that good. Many will disagree, but many don't care about music, they just care about the image projected by their "DJing". But some out there know. And they are my kind of people, DJs or not. Simply one of the best techno records ever submitted for public listening. Thank you David! You deserve the finest accolades I can write - and sorry for falling so pathetically short.