Decompurulent Ulcerator ‎– Bloodsludge Eruption

Hjitrous Tyror ‎– none


A1 The Brain Bludgeon
A2 Maggot Infested Elephatitis Growths
A3 Steroid Cocaine Zombies
A4 Defleshed And Deserted
A5 Visceral Juggernaut
A6 Mucousal Monuments
A7 Slithering Back Into The Garbage
A8 Bloodsludge Eruption
A9 Sewerblender
B1 Greasy Grave
B2 Dirty Needle Shrapnel
B3 Toxic Level Of Stench
B4 Spastic Death
B5 Spastic Death Pt. II
B6 Spastic Death Pt. III
B7 Tracheal Trash Tunnel
B8 Entrails Of The Gutted
B9 Marinated In Puke
B10 Just A Matter Of Slime
B11 Bile Breath
B12 Bile Breath Pt. II
B13 Sour Slough
B14 Cascading Off My Bones
B15 Festering Foamy Flesh
B16 Cuntrot
B17 Binge Eating Blisters
B18 Purging The Pus
B19 Chewing The Chyme
B20 Drainage
B21 Drainage Pt. II
B22 Drainage Pt. III
B23 Drainage Pt. IV
B24 Epicactus
B25 Retchery
B26 Radiation Deformity
B27 S.C.A.B.
B28 Sarcoma
B29 Nevermind The Putrefaction
B30 The Eviscerational Process
B31 Inevitable Reflux
B32 Pissing Pus
B33 Gritty Gallstones
B34 Anal Shovel
B35 Burning Baby Carriage
B36 Prying Open The Jaws
B37 Grasping The Guts
B38 Ugly Cunt
B39 Ugly Cunt Pt. II
B40 Ugly Cunt Pt. III
B41 Death To All Humans
B42 Spewage Splash
B43 Meahook Impalement
B44 Stabbed And Buried Alive
B45 Chemical Burn
B46 Chemical Burn Pt. II
B47 Engulfed In Hornets
B48 Phlegmonaide
B49 Monsterous Miscarriage
B50 Vomitous Gonorrheal Mucous
B51 Hanged And Burned
B52 Stomped Into Sludge
B53 Hydrosepsis
B54 Hydrosepsis Pt. II
B55 Green Paste


  • Vocals, InstrumentsStyv


Side A recorded 7/16
Side B Recorded 2/16
Edition of 100 copies