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Auris Apothecary ‎– AAX-018
Microcassette, Stereo, MC60
Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered, Aromatherapy Candle Packaging


A Side One 28:45
B Side Two 28:45


Limited to 25 packages (5 blue / 20 green candles).
Hand-dyed/poured/scented 5" tall candle with either light blue or light green bottom and viewing window cut into side to display cover artwork. Multiple panel, full-color inkjet-printed artwork in clear hardshell case, with flame art on clear label for hand-stamped serial numbering. Transparent microcassette shell with 3-color inkjet printing on white labels. Title/label info printed on white cardstock dipped in wax; serial number stamped in teal. Auris wax branding on bottom.


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August 1, 2014
edited over 5 years ago
And THIS is why I like this label. All their releases are very special and unique because of the medium that carries them, some even so special that they are unplayable in some media players. But they don't make unique stuff just to make unique stuff, no, they do it right and make true art pieces. Look at this for example. Deep Magic and Auris Apothecary both understand to the fullest that making a release that involves not only sound, but also smell, greatly increases the music experience. It's unique (as far as I know) but done fully right. And in my opinion, that last sentence is the definition of pure art. But this is just an example of the masterpieces of this label: all releases on Auris Apothecary seem to involve and pleasure at least two senses in ways that require out-of-the-box thinking. This leads to a great experience, an experience rarely found on other labels. And that's why true art, art done really right, is very rare.