Deep Purple ‎– Complete

Scandinavian Music Club ‎– 15-5218
13 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation, Reissue
Box Set, Club Edition


Shades Of Deep Purple (Harvest ‎– 5C 038-04175, 1977 Reissue Sleeve)
A1 And The Address
A2 Hush
A3 One More Rainy Day
A4(a) Prelude: Happiness
A4(b) I'm So Glad
B1 Mandrake Root
B2 Help
B3 Love Help Me
B4 Hey Joe
The Book Of Taliesyn (Harvest ‎– 038-04000, Gatefold Sleeve)
A1 Listen, Learn, Read On
A2 Wring That Neck
A3 Kentucky Woman
A4 Exposition - We Can Work It Out
B1 Shield
B2 Anthem
B3 River Deep, Mountain High
Deep Purple (Harvest ‎– 038-EVC90505, Non-gatefold Sleeve)
A1 Chasing Shadows
A2 Blind
A3 Lalena
A4 (a) Fault Line
A4 (b) The Painter
B1 Why Didn't Rosemary?
B2 Bird Has Flown
B3 April
Concerto For Group And Orchestra (Harvest ‎– 038-1575921, Non-gatefold Sleeve)
A1 First Movement: Moderato Allegro
A2 Second Movement: Andante Part 1
B1 Second Movement: Andante Conclusion
B2 Third Movement: Vivace-Presto
In Rock (Harvest ‎– 1A 038-157505, Non-gatefold Sleeve)
A1 Speed King
A2 Bloodsucker
A3 Child In Time
B1 Flight Of The Rat
B2 Into The Fire
B3 Living Wreck
B4 Hard Lovin' Man
Fireball (Harvest ‎– 1A 038 1575621, Non-gatefold Sleeve)
A1 Fireball
A2 No No No
A3 Demon's Eye
A4 Anyone's Daughter
B1 The Mule
B2 Fools
B3 No One Came
Machine Head (Purple Records ‎– 062-93261, Gatefold Sleeve)
A1 Highway Star
A2 Maybe I'm A Leo
A3 Pictures Of Home
A4 Never Before
B1 Smoke On The Water
B2 Lazy
B3 Space Truckin'
Made In Japan (Purple Records ‎– 1A 138-93915~16, Gatefold Sleeve)
A1 Highway Star
A2 Child In Time
B1 Smoke On The Water
B2 The Mule
C1 Strange Kind Of Woman
C2 Lazy
D1 Space Truckin'
Who Do We Think We Are (Purple Records ‎– 1A 062-94140, Gatefold Sleeve)
A1 Woman From Tokyo
A2 Mary Long
A3 Super Trouper
A4 Smooth Dancer
B1 Rat Rat Blue
B2 Place In Line
B3 Our Lady
Burn (Purple Records ‎– 1A 064-94837, Non-gatefold Sleeve)
A1 Burn
A2 Might Just Take Your Life
A3 Lay Down, Stay Down
A4 Sail Away
B1 You Fool No One
B2 What's Goin' On Here
B3 Mistreated
B4 "A" 200
Stormbringer (Purple Records ‎– 1A 062-96004, Non-gatefold Sleeve)
A1 Stormbringer
A2 Love Don't Mean A Thing
A3 Holy Man
A4 Hold On
B1 Lady Double Dealer
B2 You Can't Do It Right (With The One You Love)
B3 High Ball Shooter
B4 The Gypsy
B5 Soldier Of Fortune
Come Taste The Band (Purple Records ‎– 064-97044, Gatefold Sleeve)
A1 Comin' Home
A2 Lady Luck
A3 Gettin' Tighter
A4 Dealer
A5 I Need Love
B1 Drifter
B2 Love Child
B3 This Time Around / Owed To 'G' (Instrumental)
B4 You Keep On Moving
Perfect Strangers (Polydor ‎– 823 777-1, Non-gatefold Sleeve)
A1 Knocking At Your Back Door
A2 Under The Gun
A3 Nobody's Home
A4 Mean Streak
B1 Perfect Strangers
B2 A Gypsy's Kiss
B3 Wasted Sunsets
B4 Hungry Daze


13LP BOX SET - manufactured and compiled by Scandinavian Music for Swedish market only.