Deflowered Cunt ‎– Collected Aberrations Vol. 1

Bringer Of Gore ‎– BOG104
Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, Double Tape


A1 Shitnoise Powerviolence Can Suck My Fucking Man Cunt
A2 Grinding Horse Meat For Pig Swill
A3 Eyeball Licking Is A Legitimate Fetish
A4 Mother-Cunt-Fucker
A5 This Song Has No.1 Written All Over It
A6 But This One Is Fucking Shit
A7 Two Dicks Docking
A8 Fist Fucking A Prolapsed Rectum
A9 Drinking Tramp Sick Through A Hole In The Bottom Of A Skip
A10 Cumming Over Pictures Of Hilary Clinton
A11 Dog Fucker Fucking Dogs
A12 Purple Vein (Prince Cover)
A13 Jesus Also Thinks You're A Fucking Cunt
A14 Your Phone Number Written In Bloody Shit On A Toilet Wall
A15 Meat Masturbation
A16 Waiter, Waiter, There's A Deflowered Cunt In My Soup
A17 Inflatable Fucktard Doll
A18 Shitting Out Broken Glass
A19 Kid With Down's Syndrome Wearing A Deflowered Cunt Tee Shirt
A20 Your Cunt Is Bollocks Deep In My Throat
A21 This One's A Classic
A22 Dick Is Short For Richard, Richards Dick Is Short
A23 Skull Fucked While In A Vegetative State
A24 I Swear I Didn't Know She Was Three
A25 Fingerblasted Fudge Tunnel
A26 Me And My Raping Hammer
A27 Your Mom Scissorfucking My Mom
A28 Pissing Puss
A29 Breastfeeding In Public Is On My To-Do List
A30 A Disappointing Post Mortum Blow Job
A31 Asphixi-Wank
A32 Every Dumb Fuck Stupid Fucking Thing You've Ever Said Or Done Laid Bare For Everyone To See
A33 The Ratio Of People To Limbs In The Paralympics Is Fucked
A34 Shitty Ass To Mouth
A35 My Girlfriends Husband Fights For My Freedom
A36 A Cunt Shaped Hole Carved In Meat
A37 I Fucked The Girl In Hanson
A38 Cut Your Own Fucking Throat And Choke You Fucking Cunt
A39 Diving For Clams In A Piss Ridden Brothel
A40 Spitting Out Splintered Teeth
A41 Zombie Octopus Tentacle Fuck
A42 Cleveland Steamer
A43 Ceflowered Cunt's Christmas Song
A44 Cold Cunt, Warm Beer
A45 Die Screaming In 40,000 Pounds Of Horse Shit
A46 Double Dicked In The Stoma Hole
A47 Self Harm Gets Me Hard
A48 A Never Ending Stream Of Cunts Fucking Everything Up Until We All Suffocate And Bake On A Dead Fucking Planet
A49 Sex Reassignment Surgery Performed On An Unconscious Vicar
A50 Deflowered Cunt Fucking Hate You
A51 No One Misses Prostitutes
A52-156 Dxcx Are Hated
B1 A Cannon Full Of Clown Shit Fired Point Blank In Your Face
B2 Two Rednecks And One Nervous Pig
B3 Bludgeoned To Weath With A Lump Of Frozen Shit
B4 Anal Cunt Stole Our Band Name
B5 Prison Shank Death-Fist Party
B6 Punched The Fuck To Sleep
B7 Your Mom Is Still Scissor Fucking My Mom
B8 Rectal Massacre
B9 Black Lunged Meth Addict With A Raging Hard On
B10 Dickhead Enabler
B11 Deepthroating For Jesus
B12 Hammer Fueled Cock And Ball Torture
B13 Deflowered Cunt Played Over The Tanoy In A Nursing Home Until Everyone Shits Themselves To Death
B14 Blast Furnace Vasectomy
B15 I Stood On A Lego And My Fucking Leg Exploded
B16 Mistaking Napalm For Lube
B17 My Birth Certificate Is An Apology Letter From The Abortion Clinic
B18 Maggot Infested Sweet Meats
B19 Post Masturbation Self Loathing
B20 A Barrage Of Shit Filled Puke
B21 Anal Beard Swarming With Lice
B22 Nobody Cares About Your Shitty Noisecore Band
B23 200 Paracetamol And A Quart Of Tequila, Two Razor Blades And A Nice Hot Bath
B24 Shooting The Shit With The Village Idiot
B25 Sweet Rims On My Dank Ride
B26 A Face That Could Launch A Thousand Shits
B27 Fresh Meat Prison-Buggered Into Oblivion
B28 The Unfortunate Outcome Of Your Parents Pathetic Lust
B29 No Cure For Being A Cunt
B30 Branding Iron Baptism
B31 An All Encompassing Complete And Total Terrorfuck
B32 The Spacedicks Appreciation Society
B33 A Dildo Dipped In Dog Piss
B34 I've Got All The Diseases, All Of Them
B35 Neo-Necro Death Shits
B36 By The Saw I Live
B37 When You Speak I Want To Murder You Slowly
B38 Bat Shit Fucking Mental Bastard With A Baseball Bat
B39 A Leper And His Limbs Are Easily Parted
B40 Gut Punching Girl Guides And Stealing Their Cookies
B41 I Live In A Bin And Get Jizzed On For Money
B42 A Cop With His Hand On His Dick And His Gun In Your Face
B43 Deep Fried Dog Dick Finger Food
B44 Catastrophic Colostomy Bag Failure
B45 Dropping Roofies Gives Me A Sore Asshole
B46 A Savage Blow To The Testicles
B47 Knicker Sniffer
B48 I've Finally Found A Woman Who Will Shit On My Neck
B49 An Advert For Ladyboys Who Shit On Peoples Necks
B50 A Magical Adventure Full Of Wonder And Ponies
B51 Celebrating By Gently Masturbating And Weeping Quietly
B52 - 1251 Bodybag
C1 Why Don't You Stick Your Fucking Snow Globe Up Your Arse?
C2 You've Got Shit On Your Breath
C3 It's Ridiculously Shallow, It's The Best I Can Do
C4 How About It Huh? How A-Fucking-Bout It?
C5 Cancer Is The Magic Cure For People
C6 Well That's All Cool By Me
C7 My Armchair Is A Wheelchair
C8 I'm Slowly Breaking All The Windows In My Greenhouse, Now I'm Homeless And All Without
C9 If I Bleed Any More I Won't Be Able To Get Up For Work In The Morning
C10 It's Your Birthday Joe!
C11 I Bet You'd Chew His Fucking Face Off
C12 I'm So Butt Hurt, You Look Like You'd Throw Me A Bone, You Look Like A Nice Guy
C13 Fucking Cunt
C14 How About That Football Shit Huh?
C15 Fuck Fucking Physics
C16 Ooooosh! \Par
C17 I Can't Write Anymore...
C18 Myxomatosis Killed My Bunny Rabbit
C19 I'm So Fucking Horny But My Cock Has Fallen Off
C20 I'm What You Wanted Isn't It?
C21 Now Grind Your Fucking Face Into The Ground Before I Punch It The Fuck Off
C22 Sentience Is A State Of Mind, And Your State Of Mind Is Fucking Supid
C23 I Fucked Everything, Then Everything Fucked Me
C24 Bastard Blood Bleeding Thoughts Thoughts Bleeding Bastard Blood Dead \Par
C25 Wanking Outside A 7-11
C26 What Do I Do With All These Nails?
C27 The Glue Sniffers In My Neighbourhood Never Share Their Shit With Me
D1 Lovewall
D2 I Bet You Thought This Would All Be Over Soon? No Such Fucking Luck Son (Radio Edit Designed For Commercial Airplay)
D3 Start Strong, Finish Dead


credits: DxCx are-
DxCx Kunfist: vokills, bass, noises, nudity \par
Stoat Weasel: Guitar, Vox, samples, noises, drum programming, mixing, mastering, breakfast in bed
Swamp ass: Noize, vicodin
DxCxKx would like to thank: Russ, Marc (BOG), Deche Charge, everyone else can eat my man cunt
SxWx would like to thank: everyone that fucking hates us
SxAx is busy taking a shit

Limited & # too 100 copies!