Del_F64.0 ‎– live @ Radio Student, Ljubljana 89.3 [MULTIVERSAL TOUR] 1st of September 2015

696 × File, MP3, Album, Deluxe Edition, Stereo
696 × File, WAV, Album, Deluxe Edition, Remastered, Stereo


This recording was played on Student Radio Ljubljana on October, 1st 2016.

Description text:

Del_F64.0 is a two women project dealing with political activism, music & art.

The projectname (= Delete F64.0) is a clear statement against the diagnosis „gender identity disorder“ (F64.0 in the International manual of diseases) even as against psychiatry in general. This diagnosis has now been removed in ca. 40 countries worldwide, but only after various kinds of protests and NGO-activism. It still has a big effect in most countries of the world and stabilizes social states of stigmatisation, genitalistic acting and thinking, exclusion , genitalistic and homophobic violence in all societies because it is deeply connected with the theory and praxis of social repression, exclusion and tabooisation of women born with dicks and men born with pussies. The diagnosis contains also various forms of legal but inhuman prohibitions to decide about the own body, official sex entry and
therefor any possibility to be respected and protected from discrimination and violence in society.

As easily can be seen, there is no reaction or reports about these legal human right humiliations and the protest against it in the worldwide mass media because the fights of wrong assigned people for human rights and the states of repression are still tabooed in modern society, contrarywise, you can only see filthy stereotypes of weak, stupid or poor and sexualised „men who want to become women“ or “men trapped in female bodies” and bullshit like this in the mass media, which are as disgusting, obvious and meaningful (about these societies and it s media) as the older fashioned racistic stereotypes of black or Hispanic people.

We, as activists even as artists, spread paroles like “don´t blame my body - blame your fucking perception!” to focus at the one hand on our daily experienced discrimination, on stage even as behind the stage and in day by day-life, yet often while just entering a bus or underground station, on the other hand on our point of view that is very different to the stereotypical hypocrate point of view in the media even as in male-stream politics and issues, where genitalistic thinking and acting (”male = penis / female = vagina”) is neither meant to cause a state of worldwide stigmatisation and humiliation, nor genitalistic, biologistic and homophobic laws, hierarchies and principles in all societies around the globe are been attacked, critised or even just been questioned.

Our experience is that we have always to point out our own definitions and demands because we are foreign determinated and often instrumentalised (by gender students, artists, fetishists, doctors and media wankers even as sexistic assholes and their wack hypocrate profiler friends) day by day, as artists as even as persons just because of the non-normative shape of our female bodies. This is a result of a repressive, turbocapitalistic and gender-manic social state worldwide and the fact that mankind is 99% remote-controlled by the greed of concerns, power politics, conservative and fashistic values even as lobbying.

Antigenitalistic Rrrriot is therefore always a request to reclaim this planet.