Demented Are Go ‎– Original Albums Collection

Cherry Red ‎– CRCDMBOX13
Box Set, Compilation
3 × CD
DVD, DVD-Video


In Sickness And In Health
CD1-1 Be Bop A Lula
CD1-2 Pervy In The Park
CD1-3 (I Was Born A) Busted Hymen
CD1-4 Holy Hack Jack
CD1-5 Frenzied Beat
CD1-6 Pickled And Preserved
CD1-7 Crazy Horses
CD1-8 Transvestite Blues
CD1-9 Rubber Buccaneer
CD1-10 Vibrate
CD1-11 Rubber Love
CD1-12 Nuke Mutants
CD1-13 PVC Chair
CD1-14 Don't Go In The Woods
Kicked Out Of Hell
CD2-1 Satan's Rejects
CD2-2 Human Slug
CD2-3 Cripple In The Woods
CD2-4 Decomposition
CD2-5 Cast Iron Arm
CD2-6 Call Of The Wired
CD2-7 Rubber Plimsoles
CD2-8 Shadow Crypt
CD2-9 Surf Ride To Oblivion
CD2-10 Old Black Joe
CD2-11 Sick Spasmoid
CD2-12 Vietnam
CD2-13 Jet Tone Boogie
The Day The Earth Spat Blood
CD3-1 Country Woman
CD3-2 Brain Damaged Chile (Slight Retard)
CD3-3 One Sharp Knife
CD3-4 Flight 103
CD3-5 Termite Man
CD3-6 Skitzoid Brain
CD3-7 Life's A Bitch
CD3-8 Now She's Dead
Live And Rockin'
CD3-9 Holy Hack Jack
CD3-10 Human Slug
CD3-11 Surf Ride To Oblivion
CD3-12 One Sharp Knife
CD3-13 Rubber Rock
CD3-14 Busted Hymen
CD3-15 Be Bop A Lula
CD3-16 Pervy In The Park
CD3-17 Cripple In The Woods
CD3-18 Cast Iron Arm
CD3-19 Sick Spasmoid
CD3-20 PVC Chair
CD3-21 Transvestite Blues
CD3-22 Anal Wonderland
Sick! Sick! Sick! / Call Of The Wire
DVD-1 Rubber Love
DVD-2 Bee Bop A Lula
DVD-3 PVC Chair
DVD-4 Vibrate
DVD-5 Midnight Blues
DVD-6 Do The Slug
DVD-7 Cast Iron Arm
DVD-8 Rubber Buccaneer
DVD-9 Pervy In The Park
DVD-10 Pickled & Preserved
DVD-11 Holy Hack Jack
DVD-12 Love Seeps Like A Festering Sore
DVD-13 House Of Blood
DVD-14 Queen Of Disease
DVD-15 Call Of The Wired
DVD-16 One Sharp Knife
DVD-17 Clitoris Bite Boogie
DVD-18 Zombie Stalk
DVD-19 Brand New Corpse
DVD-20 Mongoloid
DVD-21 Holy Hack Jack
DVD-22 Where You Gonna Go
DVD-23 Busted Hymen
DVD-24 Beast In The Cellar
DVD-25 PVC Chair
DVD-26 Nightlife
DVD-27 Surf Ride To Oblivion


There are 3 CDs and a DVD in this box set. The third CD has two albums on it ("The Day The Earth Spat Blood" & "Live And Rockin'").

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 5013929101395