DemonSlut ‎– Panic Attack

Pure Acid Mixtapes ‎– EVL-101, Pure Acid Mixtapes ‎– EVIL-101
Cassette, Mixed, Promo, C60



Most of the tracks listed on the tracklisting are listed in "Artist Name - Release Title" format; exact track names/titles aren't given. Some of the tracks listed on the tracklisting are only listed with a catalog number. Because of the nature of the tracklisting, links will be provided to the original release.

Track A1 is listed as "Beast Tamer - Volume 1" and is one of the Untitled tracks.

Track A2 is listed as "PRRUK011" and is from 40 Ft Puma - Stalker EP.

Track A3 is listed as "Subsounds 020" and most likely comes from Slobodan - More Human Than Human.

Track A4 is listed as "Code Red 005" and is an untitled track from Joel Mull - Code Red 05.

Track A5 is listed as "CR12005" and is from Andreas Krämer - Treibjagd.

Track A6 is listed as "FutureFrontier 009," and no such release exists yet on this database. However, the label's page can be found here.

Track A7 is listed as "Andreas Kramer - Treibjagd Ep" (see A5).

Track A9 is listed as "Jeff Mills - Waveform Transmissions Vol. 001" and is from Waveform Transmission Vol. 1.

Track A10 is listed as "XCrash - DescensionEP" and is from X-Crash - Descension E.P.

Track A11 is listed "DBN044" and is the track "Dark Sync" from Freax - Desert Eagle E.P.. This track is continued on the very beginning of side B.

Track B2 is listed as "LabWorks 33" and may actually be from 4D - Hidden.

Track B3 is listed as "DirectDrive 010" and may be from X-Crash - 303+606=909 EP Vol. 2.

Track B5 is listed as "ESP WoodyMcBride - Amplification EP" but is actually the track "Panicy" and comes from Woody McBride - Amplification 94.

Track B6 is listed as "AtomX - Bomber EP" and is from Atom-X - Bomber E.P.

Track B7 is listed as "REL962901 LTD" and is from Atom-X vs. Trax-X - The Holy Screamin' Angel E.P.

Track B8 is listed as "TraxX - Molecule 66" and is from Trax-X - Molecule 66.

Track B9 is listed as "TraxX vs. AtomX - ???" and may actually be either Atom-X vs. Trax-X - The Holy Screamin' Angel E.P. or Atom-X vs. Trax-X - Untitled.

Track B10 is listed as "Subjective Duality - Nervous Loop".