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1 What’s The Evolution In Your Mind From Having Been At One Point The New Boy To Now The Keeper Of The Instrumental Sound, If You May Call It That? When Did You Realise That This Particular Responsibility Was Coming Your Way? 1:35
2 Who Were Your Early Favourite Songwriters, Or Did You Have Even Any, Did It Just Come Out Of You? 0:47
3 I Can’t Help But Notice That It’s Three Years Since Violator, Does This Mean That You’re Writing Less Or Recording Less? 1:47
4 Well, The Four Of You Do Work Together, And It Is Noteworthy That After All This Time There Hasn’t Been Somebody Saying, “I’m Going Off And Doing My Own Thing,” Or Three Of Them Saying, “You’re Not Carrying Your Own Weight – Leave.” This Happens With So Many Groups – Do You Think It’s Because You Were Fortunate Enough To Find Your Own Tasks, Or Is It Just Some Sort Of Special Chemistry? 1:07
5 It Is Fascinating Really That You’ve Each Evolved Into A Different Kind Of Role – One Is The Songwriter, One Is The Singer, One Is The Technician, And You’re The Businessperson. It’s An Amazing Mixture. 0:25
6 Do You Find You Get On Just As Well As Ever? 1:21
7 You Find Yourself In A Position Like That Of Roger Daltrey In The Who, Who Sang The Songs Written By Pete Townsend. This Successful Relationship With Martin Has Been Going On For So Many Years Now, Has It Ever Given You Chance To Reflect On What Kind Of Mental Or Spiritual Relationship You Have With This Man? 1:02
8a Condemnation Is A Riveting-Sounding Track – I Must Admit When I First Heard It I Thought “Oh My God, Have I Got This On At The Wrong Speed?” Because It Starts Very Slowly. You Must Have Had A Lot Of Fun Working On That One? 1:09
9 Martin Said That He Thought Condemnation Was Your Best Vocal Performance To Date, Do You Feel Good About That Track? 1:10
10 I Remember The Excitement In Concert When You Came Forward To Play A Guitar Piece. Will You Be Using The Guitar More In The Show, Do You Think? 0:47
11a What’s The Evolution In Your Mind From Having Been At One Point The New Boy To Now The Keeper Of The Instrumental Sound, If You May Call It That? When Did You Realise That This Particular Responsibility Was Coming Your Way? 1:37
12 Do You Think That As Many People Of The Current Generation Want To Make Music As Did Of Yours? And If Not, What Was It That Was Special In Your Mind That Encouraged You To Do This? 0:57
13 You Certainly Seem To Have Trusted Flood, With Whom You’ve Been Working, As A Producer. Now, For Four Guys Who Are Relatively So Protective, How Did He Come To Win Your Trust? 0:51
14 Were There Ever Moments Where You’ve Been On Stage And You Find Yourself Watching Dave? 0:42
15 As We Contemplate Your Stage Act, I’m Reminded That Many People Now Have Genuine Designers Work On Their Stage Sets. Will You Be Going In This Direction? 0:40
16 Of Course, I’ve Noticed That Between Us, And Slightly Behind Us, There Is A Large Drum Kit, And I Gather That You’ve Been Doing A Bit Of Practicing? 0:26
17 As You Look Back Over The History Of The Group, Which Is Now About Thirteen Years I Guess… You Said You Never Enjoyed Actually Doing Them, But Are There Any That You’re Proud Of Having Done? 0:46
18 Now That The Novelty Of Making Videos Has Worn Off, Do You Find This A Genuine Outlet For Your Artistic Expression Or Is It Just A Chore? 1:15
19 If We Were To Look Back At Key Records In The History Of The Group, Just Can’t Get Enough Would Be One Of Them. 0:26
20 I Don’t Want To Believe Everything That I Read, But I Did Read Once That You Thought That People Are People, Which Was Your Breakout Record In The States, Was Perhaps A Bit Too Simplistic For Your Subsequent Tastes. Do You Believe That It Was Perhaps A Bit Too Preachy? 0:49
21 I Always Thought Of The Band As Having A European Influence, And Appealing To Europeans. Would You Agree With That? 0:31
22 Untitled 0:37
23 Do You Find Sometimes With The British Critics That Because They Knew You When You Were A Young And Poppy Band They Don’t Take You Seriously? 0:29
24 You Say You’ve Been Dissuaded From Singing. Have You Ever Wanted To Write? 0:37
25 This Is Probably The Best Chance We’ll Ever Have To Have A Guided Tour Of These Tattoos, If You Don’t Mind. Could You Explain Which Are New? 0:39

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Only the answers to the questions are recorded.
There's about 14 seconds of silence between each track. That silence is included in the durations.
This edition is on a silver-coloured disc with the same catalog# as the mispress.
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