Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand + Aluk Todolo ‎– A Collaboration

WKN ‎– WKN 41
CD, Album




The release does not feature a release title, nor titles for the individual tracks. The main release title was retrieved from the label website and the Aluk Todolo website.

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  • Barcode: 4038846300417



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July 5, 2011
edited over 8 years ago

Well, history can be written and rewritten and written once again and in the end theres nothing definitive but opinions and perhaps points of view. This happens with some artists as well, some are able to start a complete new character in their lives. Der Blutharsch has always been extremist in all sense of the word in all what refers to music and art for the matter, but one day decided to just take a different road, and not just different but perhaps opposite one and with this closed a chapter of its artistic life.
Even though the chances are high that a band taking such kind of chance will collapse into some kind of uncontrollable kamikaze dive (and we may even say it was very close to that for the first two albums after the change) Here in this split theres finally the gestation of a new creature in which the listener can appreciate shapes and even manners. This album is a very fine demonstration of succulent and heavy psychedelic rock, weird enough for the listener to trip into the murky grounds of the obscure bass lines and get lost in the frantic repetitive riffs from the guitar, the tiny little electronic effects, the shadowy voices intertwined... everything is just close to perfection.
Yes, Der Blutharsch did it, its incredible, i had to admit it and recognize, this album its just great. They did an exemplar album of psychedelic rock with much amplitude. Classic in the sense of respecting the characteristic of the genre and intrepid enough to play with some experiments.
Albin is navigating now in the Khárôn's bark way deep into the waters of a dark experiment of sound that resulted great, the company of Aluk Tudolo is probably some kind of musical guide through this dungeon and the path they have found is definitively the right one for the trip.