In 3:29
Abacus 5:58
Cool Down 3:06
Get Back! 4:07
Glad You're Here 4:01
Eyes Wide Open 3:16
Sechsechsechs 6:04
Perplexus 5:10
The Other End Of The Bottle 6:35
Right In Your Head 4:16
Eyes - Like Jewellery 4:07
Thee Big Electric Chair 5:44
Out 4:14


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June 10, 2014
edited over 5 years ago
referencing The End Of The Beginning, LP, Ltd, Pin, WKN43
Great album!


October 2, 2012
edited over 9 years ago
referencing The End Of The Beginning, CD, Album, WKN 43

Hardly boiled concoction, exactly like the cauldron in which an old woman melts the head of a goat for making a fatty soup.
I find quite difficult to get into this kind of psychedelia based on rhythm box and downtuned guitar. Its way too dense and rigid whenever it tries to be flexible, like the soup from the mountains, fatty like a melting goat.
Whenever it tries to be psychodelic it becomes noise, whenever it tries to be noise it becomes a set of rubber rhythms and muddy guitar drones, ravaged vocals with the appeal of a minister of the faith. Mad for the sake of sound mad, therefore tasteless and numbing.

At its best the work captivates with this aura of church organ, robotic rhythms a la "Alien sex fiend" and electro effects that slightly reminds from Albin's sideproject "La maison moderne" only perhaps more solid in construction, but these moments of clairvoyance are generally sporadic in the inmense maremagnum of this crippled and cathatonic psychedelia.