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March 13, 2016
referencing The Wolvennest Sessions, CD, Album, WKN48, WKN 48
Since the 1996 release of the debut EP, First, they have touched base on and experimented with martial industrial, neofolk, the occasional incorporation of neoclassical instrumentation, the integration of heavy doses of death rock, kraut rock, and particularly with their most recent release, a heavy emphasis on psychedelic elements. Throughout their evolution, this project has been able to do that which most artists hope to achieve: they form noticeable sonic progressions that unfold throughout their existing oeuvre while simultaneously maintaining a noticeably distinct sound that is clearly and identifiably theirs. _Heathen Harvest


December 20, 2015
referencing The Wolvennest Sessions, CD, Album, Promo, WKN48

This is a promo. According to the label the album will be officially released in mid November on CD and vinyl.