Desecrator / Morgue (2) / Atavism / Visceral Strangulation ‎– 4 Way Tape


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A1 Morgue (2) Full Of A.I.D.S.
A2 Morgue (2) Stoned With Stools
A3 Morgue (2) Remains In The Rubbish Chute
A4 Morgue (2) Deflesh The Genitals
A5 Morgue (2) Bloodcraving
Cover – Mortician
A6 Atavism Cemetery Cannibalism
A7 Atavism Buried Heads
A8 Atavism Flesh Hunger
A9 Atavism Craving For Flesh
A10 Atavism Substrct Limbs
A11 Atavism Blood Irritation
A12 Atavism Mortician
Cover – Mortician
B1 Visceral Strangulation Orgy Of Carcass
B2 Visceral Strangulation The Stomach Chaos By Hydrofluorhydric Acid
B3 Visceral Strangulation Jerk! (You're A Fucking Jerk)
B4 Visceral Strangulation Anal Massacre Chainsaw
B5 Visceral Strangulation Cannibal Flagelation
B6 Visceral Strangulation Demiurge
B7 Visceral Strangulation Worms
Cover – Mortician
B8 Desecrator Untitled
B9 Desecrator Untitled
B10 Desecrator Untitled
B11 Desecrator Untitled
B12 Desecrator Untitled
B13 Desecrator Zombie Apocalypse
Cover – Mortician
B14 Desecrator Putride Discharge
B15 Desecrator Foids Of Fat: Defenestration
B16 Desecrator Pedo Executioner
B17 Desecrator The Age Of Apocalypse