Despertad! ‎– How To Deal With God?

Badass Records ‎– 003


1 The World Is Suffer 1:27
2 God Ain't Cool 1:51
3 Satan's Bitch 2:39
4 Have You Got A Minute? 0:47
5 Witness Of Lies 1:57

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Written, composed, and performed on Saturday December 5, 2015.

// INFO //
These tracks are the result of a one afternoon only practice jam in a friend's studio. One take each. That was way funnier than going fuckin' shopping.
Quality is not important since we had fun. That was not the point either.
This band will never perform live because we have no time.
The writing is as casual as the lyrics.
The concept is about how much we hate religions. We are from Italy. We hate god and whatever standing for him.
We don't like Satan either. None exists, mankind is the Devil.
We used the word "Satan" only because is the shortest way to stand against god. We hate the word "bitch" either, but we used it, as women, because it's the shortest way to stand against what women are supposed to be by religion and society. It's like when you are at a some dinner and you are vegan but you have to say you are allergic to milk and eggs because it's the shortest way to avoid dealing with retards.
The artwork comes from the Jehovah witnesses fanzines "Awake!" (thus, Despertad!) or "Watchtower", the ultimate provider for the best apocalyptic images of modern times. If you have never seen them, it means you need to stick to the streets more.