Detto Mariano ‎– Striker (Film Sonoro)

Stella (8) ‎– SEM 85018, Stella Edizioni Musicali ‎– SEM 85018
Vinyl, LP, Deluxe Edition, Enhanced, Limited Edition, Promo


A1 M_01 3:09
A2 M_02 0:46
A3 M_03 3:06
A4 M_03 1:01
A5 M_05 1:15
A6 M_06 0:41
A7 M_07 0:30
A8 M_08 1:15
A9 M_09 1:06
A10 M_10 1:54
A11 M_11 2:41
A12 M_12 3:16
A13 M_13 2:08
B1 M_14 1:07
B2 M_15 1:16
B3 M_16 2:02
B4 M_17 1:03
B5 M_18 0:58
B6 M_19 0:49
B7 M_20 0:55
B8 M_21 0:49
B9 M_22 1:22
B10 M_23 3:22
B11 M_24 1:22
B12 M_25 1:02
B13 M_26 1:23
B14 M_27 2:00
B15 M_28 5:07


Promo version and version for the first customers. Including a large 30 cm mercenary knife, survival set, belt bag and grindstone.
Mercenary movie directed by Enzo G. Castellari and written by Umberto Lenzi in 1987.

"Film Sonoro" is a registered SIAE trademark brandname.

Film Sonoro is a concept "soundtrack" product capturing the audio sequences of the movie in the right order underlayed with decent sound effects of the movie. This is resulting in a deeper atmosphere and listening pleasure. The idea get's topped with a map of Nicaragua and a survival kit which is included with the first copies (including a large 30 cm mercenary knife).

Info Sticker:
Unreleased “film sonoro”
soundtrack of the cult movie
from 1987.
Directed by Enzo G. Castellari
Written by Umberto Lenzi
250 copies!

Map of Nicaragua (with story line):

Side One
M_01 Striker in Miami
M_02 The police organizing a fake attack on John Slade (Striker)
M_03 John Slade disguising as a photographer in Nicaragua
M_04 Slade and Marta observing a rendez-vous on the broken bridge
M_05 Slade escapes from an attack and climbs on a flying helicopter.
M_06 Slade and Marta hiding from the Sandinists in the Nicaraguan jungle
M_07 Slade tries to breach the circumscription of the Sandinists
M_08 Slade continues the effort to breech the circumscription
M_09 The arrival of Colonel Cavatzin at the prison-fortress with his inferior lieutenant Santiago
M_10 Slade and Marta hiding in the jungle from the Sandinists
M_11 Marta is captured and taken to the prison-fortress… Slade intervenes
M_12 Slade forces his way into the prison-fortress, frees Morris and taking the Colonel as prisoner
M_13 Slade, Marta and Morris escaping from the fortress and holding the Colonel as hostage

Side Two
M_14 Slade and Marta taking care of Morris wounded leg
M_15 Santiago discovers their hiding place and kills Marta’s sister
M_16 Morris is alone - Marta points the pistol unexpected at him.
M_17 Marta refuses to shoot… but the helicopter pilot does… Slade hearing the shot
M_18 Slade discovers Morris murdered
M_19 Slade’s fury over Morris’ death
M_20 Passage of repertory (song: “Shame and repent”)
M_21 The helicopter pilot tempts Marta
M_22 Slade get’s captured while he’s trying to climb aboard the Colonel’s boat.
M_23 Slade relieving himself from the torturers. He is killing Santiago and the
Colonel before fighting his way out to the boat.
M_24 The helicopter pilot shoots and kills Marta. Slade chasing and killing him.
M_25 Marta’s death in Slade’s arms
M_26 Closing title
M_27 Shame and repent

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