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All music recorded 2010-2011.

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September 19, 2013

Deep and religious masterpiece. God may be dead but the spiritual "Amygdala" live on in dark ambient music like this. Personal and moving.


March 8, 2012

As soon as industrial music becomes more and more popular for a last decade, there are lots of newcomers which try to bring some new sounds, kind of fresh air into the scene. They run around making so much deal and noise even when there is nothing behind to reveal. All those that try to pose themselves as a new face of industrial music. But there are few people around which don't need any introduction while being well-known to those of us who dare to remember them, and they continue keeping the old good spirit, reminding to the audience from time to time who is a real master. Deutsch Nepal is one of them, led by the famous steersman Peter Andersson, who is always somewhere around providing us with his drunken masterpieces here and there.

If you still don't know this guy, I am not sure that his new album called 'Amygdala' is for you to start with. There are few steps for you to take before you enter this creation, but still it is very important to get acquainted with Linas' albums, because they guided industrial scene for the last 20 years and contributed a lot to its evolution. Living inside deep Sweden forests, drinking vodka and doing nothing besides creating the music, that is the point of Peter's existence which projection you can find inside his musical experience. When you have that plenty time for digging inside yourself, there will be tons of variants and themes for the self expression in art. The last album from the house of Lina was around 6 years ago, therefore knowing his personality and ability to create a good food for a curious mind, the long expected album was swallowed by me, spited and swallowed once again in order to taste in one more time in a different perspective. So I would like to share with you the taste, which was left after going over the process several times, and I assure you, it is worth those few bucks which you paid for the piece of plastic and polygraph.

What do we have here is a kind of a medical autopsy. And today the target of this action is Amygdala which is an area inside the human brain that is responsible for the feelings of aggression and sexual pleasure together with all the phobias, depression and shock syndromes, all of the strongest emotions have their roots inside this small area. So, let's take our instruments and make a trepanation of a skull in order to learn more about such an interesting part of the body. And of course, the soundtrack for the process will be one created by our good fellow Lina Baby Doll.

First track "Eternal Day" is more like a preface in order to create the proper atmosphere. But the second hits us with full power of lunatic and gloomy nature of the emotional hurricane and for sure answers it's name "Take U out of Control". Though it always hard to guess what to expect from Peter, because of the deep creative freedom, revealed in each of his albums, but here you can definitely hear the significant touch. Strong pulsating machinery sound is backed up by distorted powerful chants which come to shake the ground beneath one's legs. We take our saw and cut along the top line of the skull, remove it slowly and find what we are looking for. Mysticism and spirituality are the key words for the following track "Amygdala", ritualistic tunes fill the air and make it tremble with the anxious atmosphere. A wide river of ambience welcomes us to take a scalpel and cut our way into the deepest origins of Amygdala with the following "Invitation to Heaven", based on the percussion and drums beat and ruled by the powerful chants of Lina. While diving into the sea of emotions we should not forget about the relaxation as well, and take a brake inside the "The Carnivors Cave" which is much lighter and slower than all the previous tracks. But again the circle of silence is broken by strong metallic melodies and screaming voice of comrade Peter promising us that "We Shall Live Again" against all odds. After all, we experience a real "Dead Dogs Entertainment" with this great military like track, giving the sense of darkened ambience and waving sound to put a thick dot of the creepy "Hard to Breathe" composition which is a real piece of an art for sure, while industrialization, metallic scratching, beats and squeezes swing the vocals inside the cradle of final deadly emotion.

To conclude one of the most entertaining releases of previous year, I would like to say, that even after more than 20 years of his wide explorations, Lina Baby Doll doesn't lose his nevereding creativity. Again and again he shows to all the newcomers, which grow around like mushrooms after the rain, that he is one of the most considerable and influential persons of the scene who continue to kick our asses with more of his crazy and drunk inner world expressions. Though sometimes it smells of the old sound of Coil , Throbling Gristle and few others, but the core remains being Deutsch Nepal, sarcastic and full of lively evil, nihilistic touch and a taste of good old days which seemed to be forgotten.

Remove your Amygdala and feel no fear anymore, here is the key to understanding the fresh sound brought by Der General. "The most destructive emotional abuse is the emotional abuse we learned to inflict upon ourselves" (Robert Burney). So let's get rid of it and let Lina help us with that.