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Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz*, Karl-Heinz SteffensModern Times Edition

Capriccio (2) – C7337
10 x CD, Compilation
DVD, NTSC, 16:9
Box Set, Compilation


Alagoana. Caprichos Brasileiros - Ballett (ca. 1940-50)
Composed ByBernd Alois Zimmermann
Level Up1-1I Ouverture7:16
Level Up1-2II Sertanejo4:10
Level Up1-3III Saudade6:26
Level Up1-4IV Caboclo4:24
Level Up1-5V Finale6:57
1-6Photoptosis. Prélude Für Großes Orchester (1968)
Composed ByBernd Alois Zimmermann
1-7Sinfonie In Einem Satz (1947-52 / Rev. 1953)
Composed ByBernd Alois Zimmermann
1-8Stille Und Umkehr. Orchesterskizzen (1970)
Composed ByBernd Alois Zimmermann
Partita Per Orchestra (1930-32)
Composed ByLuigi Dallapiccola
Soprano VocalsArantza Ezenarro
Level Up2-1I Passacaglia. Molto Solenne7:00
Level Up2-2II Burlesca. Presto Ma Non Troppo - Moderato - Tempo Del Principio4:49
Level Up2-3III Recitativo E Fanfara. Violento - Calmo - Molto Mosso - Violento4:25
Level Up2-4IV Naenia B. M. V. Molto Tranquillo7:52
Due Pezzi Per Orchestra (1946-47)
Composed ByLuigi Dallapiccola
Level Up2-5I Sarabanda. Lento, Flessibile5:36
Level Up2-6II Fanfara E Fuga. Mosso, Ma Non Tanto - Allegro Marcato4:14
Three Questions, With Two Answers Per Orchestra (1962)
Composed ByLuigi Dallapiccola
Level Up2-7I Sostenuto, Sottovoce0:58
Level Up2-8II Moderato, Tranquillo4:17
Level Up2-9III Impetuoso, Violento0:38
Level Up2-10IV Largamente, Sostenutissimo3:56
Level Up2-11V Molto Sostenuto2:49
Variazioni Per Orchestra (1952-54)
Composed ByLuigi Dallapiccola
Level Up2-12I Quasi Lento, Misterioso2:59
Level Up2-13II Allegro Con Fuoco0:29
Level Up2-14III Mosso, Scorrevole1:05
Level Up2-15IV Tranquillamente Mosso0:45
Level Up2-16V Poco Allegretto, ,Alla Serenata'0:24
Level Up2-17VI Molto Lento, Con Espressione Parlante0:55
Level Up2-18VII Andantino Amoroso, Esitando1:02
Level Up2-19VIII Allegro, Con Violenza1:30
Level Up2-20IX Affettuoso, Cullante1:07
Level Up2-21X Grave2:13
Level Up2-22XI Molto Lento, Fantastico1:20
Piccola Musica Notturna (1954)
Composed ByLuigi Dallapiccola
Level Up2-23Molto Tranquillo, Ma Senza Trascinare6:49
Métaboles (1964)
Composed ByHenri Dutilleux
Level Up3-1I. Incantatoire (Largamente / Attacca;)4:13
Level Up3-2II. Linéaire (Lento Moderato / Attacca;)3:04
Level Up3-3III. Obsessionel (Scherzando / Attacca;)3:27
Level Up3-4IV. Torpide (Andantino / Attacca;)2:25
Level Up3-5V. Flamboyant (Presto)4:48
Deux Sonnets De Jean Cassou (1954) For Baritone And Orchestra
Baritone VocalsPaul Armin Edelmann
Composed ByHenri Dutilleux
Level Up3-6"Il N'y Avait Que Des Troncs Déchirés"2:19
Level Up3-7"Jái Revé Que Je Vous Portais Entre Mes Bras"4:19
Symphony No. 1 (1951)
Level Up3-8I. Passacaille6:48
Level Up3-9II. Scherzo Molto Vivace6:34
Level Up3-10III. Intermezzo5:55
Level Up3-11IV. Finale, Con Variazioni10:41
4-1Obertura Para El Fausto Criollo, Op. 9
Composed ByAlberto Ginastera
Ollantay (A Symphonic Triptych)
Composed ByAlberto Ginastera
Level Up4-2I. Paisaje De Ollantaytambo4:43
Level Up4-3II. Los Guerreros3:27
Level Up4-4III. La Muerte De Ollantay6:00
Variaciones Concertantes, Op. 23
Composed ByAlberto Ginastera
Level Up4-5I. Theme For Cello And Harp
CelloFlorian Barak
HarpBeate Anton
Level Up4-6II. Interlude For Strings1:50
Level Up4-7III. Humourous Variation For Flute1:10
Level Up4-8IV. Scherzo Variation For Clarinet
ClarinetJulius Kircher
Level Up4-9V. Dramatic Variation For Viola3:21
Level Up4-10VI. Canonic Variation For Oboe And Bassoon3:13
Level Up4-11VII. Rhythmic Variation For Trumpet And Trombone
TrumpetKlaus Wendt (2)
TromboneJürgen Schaal (3)
Level Up4-12VIII. Perpetual Motion Variation For Violin
ViolinNikolaus Boewer
Level Up4-13IX. Pastoral Variation For French Horn
HornCong Gu (2)
Level Up4-14X. Interlude For Wind1:18
Level Up4-15XI. Reprise Of The Theme For Double Bass
Double BassJoachim Stever
Level Up4-16XII. Finale: Rondo Variation For Orchestra3:53
4-17Bomarzo Op. 34 (1967) Opera Suite
Composed ByAlberto Ginastera
Soprano VocalsMaria Isabel Segarra
5-1Concert Overture, Op. 12
Composed ByKarol Szymanowski
Sinfonia Concertante (Symphony No. 4), Op. 60 For Piano And Orchestra
Composed ByKarol Szymanowski
PianoEwa Kupiec
Level Up5-2I. Moderato11:15
Level Up5-3II. Andante Molto Sostenuto9:14
Level Up5-4III. Allegro Non Troppo7:13
Slopiewnie, Op. 46bis - Five Songs For Soprano And Orchestra
Composed ByKarol Szymanowski
Soprano VocalsMarisol Montalvo
Text ByJulian Tuwim
Level Up5-5I. Cherry-White2:12
Level Up5-6II. Green Desire1:58
Level Up5-7III. St. Francis2:11
Level Up5-8IV. Red Song1:06
Level Up5-9V. Wanda2:17
Nocturne And Tarantella, Op. 28
Arranged ByGrzegorz Fitelberg
Composed ByKarol Szymanowski
Level Up5-10I. Nocturne4:49
Level Up5-11II. Tarantella5:52
6-1A Jazz Symphony (1925) For 3 Pianos And Orchestra (Original Version / For Paul Whiteman)
Composed ByGeorge Antheil
Piano [1]Frank Dupree
Piano [2]Adrian Brendle
Piano [3]Uram Kim
Capital Of The World - Orchestral Suite (1953)
Composed ByGeorge Antheil
Level Up6-2I. The Tailor Shop5:40
Level Up6-3II. Meditation7:34
Level Up6-4III. Knife Dance And Farruca4:21
6-5Concerto For Piano And Orchestra No. 1 (1922)
Composed ByGeorge Antheil
PianoFrank Dupree
6-6Archipelago "Rhumba" (1935)
Composed ByGeorge Antheil
7-1The Poisoned Kiss (1927): Overture
Composed ByRalph Vaughan Williams
7-2In The Fen Country (1904)
Composed ByRalph Vaughan Williams
Bucolic Suite (1900)
Composed ByRalph Vaughan Williams
Level Up7-3!. Allegro4:13
Level Up7-4II. Andante6:51
Level Up7-5III. Intermezzo - Allegretto4:09
Level Up7-6IV. Finale - Allegro6:03
7-7Fantasia On Sussex Folk Tunes (1924 / 25) For Cello And Orchestra
CelloMartin Rummel
Composed ByRalph Vaughan Williams
Three Portraits From "The England Of Elizabeth" (1955)
Composed ByRalph Vaughan Williams
Level Up7-8I. Explorer4:19
Level Up7-9II. Poet7:01
Level Up7-10III. Queen5:18
8-1Overture Pathétique In B Minor, Op. 64
Composed ByDmitry Kabalevsky
8-2Rhapsody On The Theme Of The Song 'School Years,' For Piano And Orchestra, Op. 75
Composed ByDmitry Kabalevsky
PianoMagda Amara
Concerto For Violin And Orchestra In C Major, Op. 48
Composed ByDmitry Kabalevsky
ViolinYury Revich
Level Up8-3I. Allegro Molto E Con Brio4:33
Level Up8-4II. Andante Cantabile5:40
Level Up8-5III. Vivace Giocoso6:04
8-6Vesna (Spring) - Symphonic Poem, Op. 65
Composed ByDmitry Kabalevsky
Colas Breugnon - Orchestral Suite, Op. 24
Composed ByDmitry Kabalevsky
Level Up8-7I. Overture4:54
Level Up8-8II. The People's Feast5:05
Level Up8-9III. The People's Calamity5:45
Level Up8-10IV. The People's Insurrection4:14
9-1Potpourri, Op. 54 (1927)
Composed ByErnst Krenek
Sieben Orchesterstücke, Op. 31 (1924)
Composed ByErnst Krenek
Level Up9-2I. Moderato2:43
Level Up9-3II. Andante5:54
Level Up9-4III. Allegretto Agitato2:46
Level Up9-5IV. Allegro Moderato E Grave1:52
Level Up9-6V. Tranquillo E Dolce2:08
Level Up9-7VI. Vivace1:29
Level Up9-8VII. Allegro Giocoso1:38
9-9Tricks And Trifles, Op. 101 (1945) - World Premiere Recording
Composed ByErnst Krenek
Symphonie "Pallas Athene," Op. 137 (1954)
Composed ByErnst Krenek
Level Up9-10I. Adagio8:56
Level Up9-11II. Allegretto Moderato6:40
Level Up9-12III. Finale. Andante Sostenuto7:19
10-1Neues Vom Tage (1928 / 29): Overtüre (1930)
Composed ByPaul Hindemith
Drei Gesänge Für Sopran Und Orchester, Op. 9 (1917)
Composed ByPaul Hindemith
Soprano VocalsValda Wilson
Level Up10-2No. 1. Meine Nächte Sind Heiser Zerchrien (My Nights Are Rent By Hoarse Screaming)
Text ByErnst Wilhelm Lotz
Level Up10-3No. 2. Weltende (World's End)5:29
Level Up10-4No. 3. Aufbruch Der Jugend (Revolt Of The Young)
Text ByErnst Wilhelm Lotz
Philharmonisches Konzert - Variationen Für Orchester (1932)
Level Up10-5Thema2:40
Level Up10-6Variation 12:17
Level Up10-7Variation 22:11
Level Up10-8Variation 32:47
Level Up10-9Variation 44:12
Level Up10-10Variation 55:37
Level Up10-11Letze Variation3:04
Das Nusch-Nuschi (1919/20), Tanzsuite, Op. 20 (1921)
Level Up10-12I. Sehr Lebhaft2:28
Level Up10-13II. Mässig Lebhaft - Sehr Lebhaft - Breiter4:27
Level Up10-14III. Allegro Marziale2:26
Bonus-DVD: The Making Of The Modern Times Project / Interviews(1:08:00)
Level UpDVD-1Introduction - The Modern Times Project
Level UpDVD-2Bernd Alois Zimmermann / Luigi Dallapiccola
Level UpDVD-3Alberto Ginastera
Level UpDVD-4Karol Szymanowski
Level UpDVD-5George Antheil
Level UpDVD-6Ralph Vaughan Williams
Level UpDVD-7Dmitry Kabalevsky
Level UpDVD-8Ernst Kränke
Level UpDVD-9Paul Hindemith
Level UpDVD-10Alberto Ginastera: Obertura Para El Fausto Criollo, Op. 9
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Made in Germany.

CD1 previously released as Capriccio C5213 in 2014.
CD2 previously released as Capriccio C5214 in 2014.
CD4 previously released as Capriccio C5244 in 2015.
CD6 previously released as Capriccio C5309 in 2017.
CD7 previously released as Capriccio C5314 in 2017.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 845221073378
  • Label Code: LC 08748
  • Matrix / Runout (CD1): C7338
  • Matrix / Runout (CD2): C7339
  • Matrix / Runout (CD3): C7340
  • Matrix / Runout (CD4): C7341
  • Matrix / Runout (CD5): C7342
  • Matrix / Runout (CD6): C7343
  • Matrix / Runout (CD7): C7344
  • Matrix / Runout (CD8): C7345
  • Matrix / Runout (CD9): C7346
  • Matrix / Runout (CD10): C7347
  • Matrix / Runout (DVD): C7348
  • Rights Society: Austro Mechana

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