Diarrhoea / Meat Shits ‎– Split Tape

Skirocore ‎– none
Cassette, Unofficial Release, C60


Demo I, 16. 6. 1992
A1 Diarrhoea Cepaj Atome
A2 Diarrhoea Scum
A3 Diarrhoea Instant Death
A4 Diarrhoea Smrt U Tubi
A5 Diarrhoea Gnojna Bula Fuck Off
A6 Diarrhoea R N R
A7 Diarrhoea God Is Tot - Falš!
A8 Diarrhoea God Is Tot
A9 Diarrhoea Odfukanje Pt. I
Demo 5, 22.4.1993
A10 Diarrhoea Sekret + A.C.
A11 Diarrhoea Mimo Vsega
A12 Diarrhoea First Cut Pt. I
A13 Diarrhoea Vbod Zanosa
A14 Diarrhoea Age!
A15 Diarrhoea S.O.D.P.I.V.A.
A16 Diarrhoea Drugačen
A17 Diarrhoea Rajanje
A18 Diarrhoea Zvonovi Notr Damsky
A19 Diarrhoea First Cut Pt. II
A20 Diarrhoea Agarchy - A.G.
A21 Diarrhoea Iz Obupa
A22 Diarrhoea Mojčina Pesem
A23 Diarrhoea Supersonic Dick
Reh. 7. 2. 1993
A24 Diarrhoea Drugačen
A25 Diarrhoea Mimo Vsega
A26 Diarrhoea Rajanje
A27 Diarrhoea Vbod Zanosa
A28 Diarrhoea Zvonovi Notrdamsky
A29 Diarrhoea Iz Obupa
Live / Postojna, 24. 4. 1993
A30 Diarrhoea Ringaraja
A31 Diarrhoea Zvonovi Notrdamsky
A32 Diarrhoea First Cut Pt. 2
A33 Diarrhoea Agarchy - A.G.
A34 Diarrhoea Iz Obupa
A35 Diarrhoea Mojčina Pesem
A36 Diarrhoea Supersonic Dick!
B1 Meat Shits Depravity
B2 Meat Shits There Is No God
B3 Meat Shits Perverted Vengeance
B4 Meat Shits I Shit On Your Grave
B5 Meat Shits Bow To The Penis-God
B6 Meat Shits In You... I Cum
B7 Meat Shits Orgasm Of Cardiac Arrest
B8 Meat Shits Runaway Sex Slave
B9 Meat Shits Cum On Your Fucking Face
B10 Meat Shits Isolated And Gang Raped
B11 Meat Shits 666 Beyond - Mix
B12 Meat Shits Homosexual Slaughter
B13 Meat Shits Public Execution
B14 Meat Shits Carnal Apocalypse
B15 Meat Shits Another Day Of Death
B16 Meat Shits Your Tax Dollars At Work
B17 Meat Shits Orgasm Through Masterbation
B18 Meat Shits Never Use A Douche
B19 Meat Shits Lesbian Lick-Sick


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September 8, 2017
edited about 1 month ago
Tracks B11 and B14 appear on the Gorenography CD (Tracks 21 and 12 respectively), tracks B18 and B19 don't appear anywhere else besides a couple of rare sampler tapes