Diognes The Fox ‎– Untitled

The Basement Labs ‎– lab056a
CDr, Album


1 Outside / Inside (IV)
2 Iama Living Flowing Breathing The Big Man Is Back WWW Dot The Kid From RT If U
3 I'mma Let This One Slide
4 111-22-3
5 Active
6 Bright Skies
7 Asymetric
8 Butts0001
9 Call Me
10 DAE Moms Bust In At 5 AM While Ur Tryin To Meow Reeltalk
11 Inter-Ludes - Screen Savior
12 Decisions 95
13 Outside / Inside (I)
14 Deep Night
15 GBTW Antirevolutionary Dub Version Mix Sadface Emoji
16 A Counterpoint To The Previous Track
17 Gooble The Name Of Ur Competitors And Send Them A Blakcfaxx
18 Feck
19 Hey Guys Wheres My 40 Is There A Safety Video For Dank Memes Only 90's Kids Get This
20 How A Rumor Gets Started In The City On A Hot Summer Day
21 I Don't Know How To Say Hello
22 Last Call Diamond Rings
23 Moderated


Issued in a sandwich bag with:
- A found postcard
-Wang Professional Computer WLTC System Diskette 1 or 3
-A stamped piece of newsprint