Dirk Wachtelaer / Jürgen De Blonde / Alec Ilyine / Nils Vermeulen ‎– Not The Sea

5 × File, AIFF, Album


1 Not The Sea 1 11:51
2 Not The Sea 2 15:21
3 Not The Sea 3 9:38
4 Not The Sea 4 15:05
5 Not The Sea 5 6:54



Sunday the 8th of May was the first warm and sunny day in Belgium after months of cold and rain. The complete Belgian population seemed to be going to the seaside but the four of us had arranged to go in the recording studio. So that explains the titel ...

I had already played with Alec and Jürgen separately but this was the first time they met eachother. Nils I had never met, I invited him to join us based on the recordings I had heard of him. So this was the very first time we played together. We came together, set up our instruments, arranged the microphones, didn't say much and started recording. In fact Not the Sea 5 is the first track we recorded. And from the very first notes I knew something special was going on. We may not have spoken much but we definitely were listening to eachother ! Here was the perfect conversation : nobody trying to impose his opinion but instead everybody listening, sometimes adding, sometimes opposing, sometimes showing a different option. Always with complete attention to what was being said and fully aware that here was no time for smalltalk or clichés. The seaside was indeed not for today !

So you are invited to join the conversation. Listen to what is being said, agree or disagree, and hopefully you will enjoy the music as much as we did !

Dirk Wachtelaer