Disaffect ‎– Home Of The Slave

-1st press on Uneasy Listening Records, Canada.
-2nd press on Anonymous Records, Scotland.
-3rd press on Maximum Voice Productions, Germany.

Each press had different cover.


Home Of The Brave
Solution Available
A Taste Of Their Own Medicine
Craven Image



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November 15, 2015
referencing Home Of The Slave, 7", EP, Anon 1
the first pressing was actually the uneasy listening records version. It was originally meant to be part of a four way split lp but the other bands didnt record/submit their songs (cant remember why) so the label put our stuff out as an ep (this was the statue of liberty skull sleeve which was also done by a canadian artist. Because it was released in canada and few copies made it over here, i released it on my own anonymous records label (this is the 2nd press with the stars and stripes type sleeve). With this pressing, we had more records than sleeves so the last 30 or so records were encased in a xerox version of the 'discharge' type sleeve (i guess if you've got one of these on anonymous it's pretty rare). the reason we did the discharge rip off sleeve was because a lot of folk who'd never actually heard us just assumed we were another d-beat clone band cos the first three letters of disaffect are D, I , S. So the sleeve was just a bit of a pisstake of the people who were throwing the discharge accusation at us. The copies on anonymous say 'file under cliche' somewhere on the sleeve. The 3rd pressing was the maximum voice one when andre (label boss) asked us if he could do it as he knew a lot of people still wanted a copy. I cant remember why we went with the discharge type sleeve again on this pressing but , if memory serves me right, it didnt have the 'file under cliche' bit on the back...again, i cant remember why. Just thought i'd clear that up.
Andy (ex-disaffect)