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March 20, 2010
referencing High Power Rap, 12", S/Sided, Etch, CC 1000
Crash Crew's Reggie Reg says:
"Mike C, Shubee, G-man, Barry Bistro and Mike and Dave: Crash Crew was like a Manhattan version of Flash and them. They was the hottest in the Bronx. We was the hottest in Manhattan. There was five of them. There was five of us. They had a production. We had a production. Our production was Mike and Dave; our security was called the Poison Clan. Their production was Black Door and Casanova. It was just two different versions. You had Flash and you had Crash.
"We had our own style. We was younger, and we wasn't as wild as them. Flash and them was a little older. They had to be like eighteen, nineteen. But we was only like fifteen and sixteen.
"We was known for promoting in Manhattan - we was promoting a lot of parties with Treacherous 3, Fearless 4, Jekyll & Hyde, Magnificent 7. Then we came out with "High Power Rap," and that's when we went tri-borough.
""High Power Rap" was already a routine that we did with our DJ. We was the only ones with this beat, "Freedom." When records started coming out, we told Mike, "Yo, Mike, we got to put this on record." We was lucky because Mike worked in a commercial studio, and we went down there one Saturday and we spliced the "Freedom" break 300 something times 'cause the record is like seven minutes long, and the break is only like twenty seconds. So we spliced it over and over. We didn't know none of the legalities of taking this record, and we didn't think it was gonna be that big. We literally sampled it. This must have been like the first record ever sampled ' cause we got sued over it."
Quote taken from "Yes Yes Y'All" by Jim Fricke and Charlie Ahearn, DaCapo Press, 2002, page 261