Dj Sniff & eRikm & Martin Tétreault & Arnaud Rivière ‎– DRIFT-01

Art Kill Art ‎– AKA 11
2 × Vinyl, 10", Limited Edition, Numbered, crossed grooves


A1 ATME 5:00
A2 MAET 5:00
B1 EMTA 5:00
B2 TEAM 5:00



DRIFT-01 contains the archive of a concert of 4 turntablists improvising together was organized and recorded on 4 separate tracks on june 16 2011. These 4 tracks became the 4 grooves, which meet on each side. A special technique was used to cut those several grooves, and layer them over each other in order to make them intersect continuously on the whole surface of the disc. Playing the record produces a mix between the 4 physical sources. When you hear the sound coming from the left or right, it is physically how the pickup is drifting on the surface. The same applies to the clicks and cuts that signify that the needle has jumped. The pickup continually changes groove throughout its reading. And because it is impossible to read the 4 grooves simultaneously, you listen to one musician after the other but never reach the same listening experience as live in concert. The nature of the turntable, the quality and wear of the needle, as well as playing with different settings (cons-weight, anti-skating…) are factors that affect the reading path. The duration becomes elastic, new paths become available while some others disappear and some phenomenas of looping or going backward may occur.

Released 444 ex, silkscreened cover, inlay with length comparative tests.

Comparative Test of duration


ATEM : MARRANTZ 6100 < 0.5g : 7'01
ATEM : PIONNEER PL-100X > 4.5g : 5'43

MAET : THORENS td-147 < 0.5g : 7'07
MAET : PIONNEER PL-100X > 4.5g : 5'39

EMTA : MARRANTZ 6100 < 0.5g : 5'57
EMTA : PIONNEER PL-100X > 4.5g : 4'56

TEAM : MARRANTZ 6100 < 0.5g : 6'45
TEAM : PIONNEER PL-100X > 4.5g : 5'31