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Dmitri ShostakovichShostakovich Edition

27 x CD, Compilation
DVD, NTSC, Stereo


Symphony No. 1 In F Minor Op. 10
Level UpCD1-1Allegretto8:10
Level UpCD1-2Allegro4:45
Level UpCD1-3Lento7:43
Level UpCD1-4Allegro Molto8:38
CD1-5Symphony No. 2 In B Major Op. 14 For Chorus & Orchestra, "To October"18:47
CD1-6Symphony No. 3 In E Flat Major Op. 20 For Chorus & Orchestra, "First Of May"26:43
Symphony No. 4 In C Minor Op. 43
Level UpCD2-1Allegretto Poco Moderato27:15
Level UpCD2-2Moderato Con Moto8:45
Level UpCD2-3Largo - Allegro26:04
Symphony No. 5 In D Minor Op. 47
Level UpCD3-1Moderato15:29
Level UpCD3-2Allegretto5:33
Level UpCD3-3Largo13:19
Level UpCD3-4Allegro Non Troppo11:14
Symphony No. 6 In B Minor Op. 54
Level UpCD3-5Largo18:50
Level UpCD3-6Allegro5:47
Level UpCD3-7Presto7:01
Symphony No. 7 In C Major Op. 60 "Leningrad"
Level UpCD4-1War, Allegretto26:20
Level UpCD4-2Memories, Moderato (Poco Allegretto)10:24
Level UpCD4-3My Native Field, Adagio18:16
Level UpCD4-4Victory, Allegro Non Troppo16:34
Symphony No. 8 In C Minor Op. 65
Level UpCD5-1Adagio27:27
Level UpCD5-2Allegretto6:42
Level UpCD5-3Allegro Non Troppo6:28
Level UpCD5-4Largo9:38
Level UpCD5-5Allegretto13:45
Symphony No. 9 In E Flat Major Op. 70
Level UpCD6-1Allegro5:16
Level UpCD6-2Moderato5:42
Level UpCD6-3Presto2:54
Level UpCD6-4Largo3:00
Level UpCD6-5Allegretto6:51
Symphony No. 10 In E Minor Op. 93
Level UpCD6-6Moderato23:14
Level UpCD6-7Allegro4:31
Level UpCD6-8Allegretto12:08
Level UpCD6-9Andante12:19
Symphony No. 11 In G Minor Op. 103 "The Year 1905"
Level UpCD7-1Palace Square: Adagio15:27
Level UpCD7-2January 9th: Allegro - Adagio - Allegro - Adagio18:44
Level UpCD7-3Eternal Memory: Adagio11:28
Level UpCD7-4The Toscin: Allegro Non Troppo - Allegro - Moderato - Adagio - Allegro14:17
Symphony No. 12 In D Minor Op. 112 "The Year 1917"
Level UpCD8-1Revolutionary Petrograd: Moderato - Allegro12:46
Level UpCD8-2Razliv: Adagio10:04
Level UpCD8-3Aurora: Allegro4:08
Level UpCD8-4The Dawn Of Humanity: L'istesso Tempo10:08
Symphony No. 13 In B Flat Minor For Bass, Chorus & Orchestra Op. 113, "Babi Yar"
Level UpCD9-1Babi Yar: Adagio17:09
Level UpCD9-2Humour: Allegretto8:28
Level UpCD9-3In The Store: Adagio12:44
Level UpCD9-4Fears: Adagio11:55
Level UpCD9-5A Career: Allegretto12:29
Symphony No. 14, For Soprano, Bass, Strings & Percussion, Op. 135
Level UpCD10-1De Profundis4:23
Level UpCD10-2Malegueña2:50
Level UpCD10-3Lorelei8:00
Level UpCD10-4The Suicide6:13
Level UpCD10-5On Watch2:59
Level UpCD10-6Madam, Look!1:32
Level UpCD10-7In Prison, At The Sante Jail8:20
Level UpCD10-8The Zaporozhian Cossack's Answer To The Sultan Of Constantinople2:07
Level UpCD10-9O Delvig, Delvig3:44
Level UpCD10-10The Death Of The Poet4:23
Level UpCD10-11Conclusion1:04
Symphony No. 15 In A Major Op. 141
Level UpCD11-1Allegretto8:19
Level UpCD11-2Adagio - Largo - Adagio - Allegretto11:43
Level UpCD11-3Allegretto3:53
Level UpCD11-4Adagio - Allegretto - Adagio - Allegretto13:58
Chamber Symphonies I
Chamber Symphony Op. 73a (Arrangement Of String Quartet No. 3)
Level UpCD12-1Allegretto8:20
Level UpCD12-2Moderato Con Moto5:26
Level UpCD12-3Allegro Non Troppo4:41
Level UpCD12-4Adagio5:14
Level UpCD12-5Moderato10:48
Chamber Symphony Op. 83a (Arrangement Of String Quartet Op. 4)
Level UpCD12-6Allegro4:16
Level UpCD12-7Andantino7:04
Level UpCD12-8Allegretto5:09
Level UpCD12-9Allegretto9:54
Chamber Symphonies II
Chamber Symphony Op. 49a "Eine Kleine Symphonie" (Arrangement Of String Quartet No. 1)
Level UpCD13-1Moderato4:22
Level UpCD13-2Moderato4:53
Level UpCD13-3Allegro Molto2:44
Level UpCD13-4Allegro3:31
Chamber Symphony Op. 110a (Arrangement Of String Quartet No. 8)
Level UpCD13-5Largo4:45
Level UpCD13-6Allegro Molto3:40
Level UpCD13-7Allegretto4:29
Level UpCD13-8Largo4:29
Level UpCD13-9Largo3:41
Chamber Symphony Op. 118a (Arrangement Of String Quartet No. 10)
Level UpCD13-10Andante5:16
Level UpCD13-11Allegretto Furioso4:14
Level UpCD13-12Adagio7:01
Level UpCD13-13Allegretto10:00
Jazz Suites
Suite For Variety Orchestra No. 1 (Jazz Suite No. 2)
Level UpCD14-1March3:04
Level UpCD14-2Dance No. 12:56
Level UpCD14-3Dance No. 23:39
Level UpCD14-4Little Polka2:33
Level UpCD14-5Lyric Waltz2:38
Level UpCD14-6Waltz No. 13:21
Level UpCD14-7Waltz No. 23:34
Level UpCD14-8Finale2:13
CD14-9Overture On Russian And Kirghiz Themes Op. 1159:19
Jazz Suite No. 1
Level UpCD14-10Waltz2:19
Level UpCD14-11Polka1:38
Level UpCD14-12Foxtrot3:47
CD14-13Novorossijsk Chimes2:32
CD14-14Festive Overture Op. 965:46
Ballet Suites
The Bolt, Ballet Suite Op. 27a
Level UpCD15-1Overture6:34
Level UpCD15-2Polka2:36
Level UpCD15-3Variation1:49
Level UpCD15-4Tango5:07
Level UpCD15-5Intermezzo3:50
Level UpCD15-6Finale3:23
The Limpid Stream, Ballet Suite Op. 39a
Level UpCD15-7Waltz2:23
Level UpCD15-8Russian Lubok2:30
Level UpCD15-9Galop1:57
Level UpCD15-10Adagio7:19
Level UpCD15-11Pizzicato1:12
The Golden Age, Ballet Suite Op. 22a
Level UpCD15-12Overture3:54
Level UpCD15-13Adagio8:40
Level UpCD15-14Polka2:08
Level UpCD15-15Dance2:10
Film Music
Hamlet Suite
Level UpCD16-1Prelude2:18
Level UpCD16-2The Ball At The Palace3:41
Level UpCD16-3The Ghost1:20
Level UpCD16-4In The Garden3:03
Level UpCD16-5Hamlet & Ophelia3:51
Level UpCD16-6Arrival Of The Actors2:11
Level UpCD16-7Poisoning Scene7:26
Level UpCD16-8Duel And Death Of Hamlet3:57
Gadfly, Suite Op. 97a
Level UpCD16-9Overture2:58
Level UpCD16-10Contradance2:27
Level UpCD16-11Folk Feast2:38
Level UpCD16-12Interlude2:49
Level UpCD16-13Waltz "Barrel Organ"1:54
Level UpCD16-14Galop1:57
Level UpCD16-15Introduction6:04
Level UpCD16-16Romance6:23
Level UpCD16-17Intermezzo5:32
Level UpCD16-18Nocturne3:52
Level UpCD16-19Scene3:21
Level UpCD16-20Finale3:07
Piano Concertos
Piano Concerto No. 1 In C Minor For Piano, Trumpet & Strings Op. 35
Level UpCD17-1Allegro Moderato - Allegro Vivace - Moderato6:05
Level UpCD17-2Lento7:13
Level UpCD17-3Moderato1:58
Level UpCD17-4Allegro Con Brio6:42
Piano Concerto No. 2 In F Major Op. 102
Level UpCD17-5Allegro7:27
Level UpCD17-6Andante6:48
Level UpCD17-7Allegro5:39
Three Fantastic Dances Op. 5
Level UpCD17-8Allegretto1:09
Level UpCD17-9Andantino1:25
Level UpCD17-10Allegretto0:52
Violin Concertos
Violin Concerto No. 1 In A Minor Op. 99
Level UpCD18-1Nocturne11:52
Level UpCD18-2Scherzo6:18
Level UpCD18-3Passacaglia, Andante, Cadenza - Burlesque, Allegro Con Brio18:19
Violin Concerto No. 2 In C Sharp Minor Op. 129
Level UpCD18-4Moderato11:56
Level UpCD18-5Adagio, Adagio - Allegro16:17
Cello Concertos
Cello Concerto No. 1 Op. 107
Level UpCD19-1Allegretto6:15
Level UpCD19-2Moderato11:33
Level UpCD19-3Cadenza5:52
Level UpCD19-4Allegro Con Moto4:39
Cello Concerto No. 2 Op. 126
Level UpCD19-5Largo15:44
Level UpCD19-6Allegretto4:20
Level UpCD19-7Allegretto16:18
Chamber Music
Piano Quintet In G Minor Op. 57
Level UpCD20-1Prelude: Lento - Poco Piu Mosso4:30
Level UpCD20-2Fugue: Adagio9:01
Level UpCD20-3Scherzo: Allegretto3:20
Level UpCD20-4Intermezzo: Lento6:11
Level UpCD20-5Finale: Allegretto7:04
Piano Trio No. 2 In E Minor Op. 67
Level UpCD20-6Andante - Moderato7:11
Level UpCD20-7Allegro Non Troppo3:03
Level UpCD20-8Largo4:28
Level UpCD20-9Allegretto10:24
Chamber Music
Sonata For Violin And Piano Op. 134
Level UpCD21-1Andante9:24
Level UpCD21-2Allegretto6:10
Level UpCD21-3Largo12:34
Sonata For Viola And Pian Op. 147
Level UpCD21-4Moderato8:23
Level UpCD21-5Allegretto6:56
Level UpCD21-6Adagio11:50
Cello Sonata In D Minor Op. 40
Level UpCD22-1Allegro Non Troppo11:18
Level UpCD22-2Allegro3:14
Level UpCD22-3Largo7:00
Level UpCD22-4Allegro3:49
CD22-5Piano Sonata No. 1 Op. 1212:24
Piano Sonata No. 2 Op. 61
Level UpCD22-6Allegretto7:31
Level UpCD22-7Largy7:22
Level UpCD22-8Moderato11:55
String Quartets
String Quartet No. 2 in A Major Op. 68 (1944)
Level UpCD23-1Overture (Moderato Con Moto)8:03
Level UpCD23-2Recitative & Romance (Adagio)10:53
Level UpCD23-3Waltz (Allegro)5:59
Level UpCD23-4Theme & Variations (Adagio)10:47
String Quartet No. 8 In C Minor Op. 110 (1960)
Level UpCD23-5Largo4:40
Level UpCD23-6Allegro Molto2:45
Level UpCD23-7Allegretto4:16
Level UpCD23-8Largo4:33
Level UpCD23-9Largo4:04
CD23-10String Quartet No. 13 In B Flat Major Op. 138 (1970): Adagio20:44
String Quartet No. 3 In F Major Op. 73 (1946)
Level UpCD24-1Alllegretto6:40
Level UpCD24-2Moderato Con Moto4:54
Level UpCD24-3Allegro Non Troppo4:01
Level UpCD24-4Adagio5:41
Level UpCD24-5Moderato10:40
String Quartet No. 7 In F Sharp Minor Op. 108 (1960)
Level UpCD24-6Allegretto3:33
Level UpCD24-7Lento3:36
Level UpCD24-8Allegro6:03
String Quartet No. 9 In E Flat Major Op. 117 (1964)
Level UpCD24-9Moderato Con Moto4:20
Level UpCD24-10Adagio4:34
Level UpCD24-11Allegretto3:47
Level UpCD24-12Adagio3:32
Level UpCD24-13Adagio9:54
String Quartet No. 5 In B Flat Major Op. 92 (1952)
Level UpCD25-1Allegro Non Troppo10:44
Level UpCD25-2Andante10:41
Level UpCD25-3Moderato10:25
String Quartet No. 11 In F Minor Op. 122 (1966)
Level UpCD25-4Introduction (Andantino)2:15
Level UpCD25-5Scherzo (Allegretto)2:57
Level UpCD25-6Recitativo (Adagio)1:18
Level UpCD25-7Etude (Allegro)1:19
Level UpCD25-8Humoresque (Allegro)1:08
Level UpCD25-9Elegy (Adagio)4:15
Level UpCD25-10Conclusion (Moderato)3:41
String Quartet No. 12 In D Flat Major Op. 133 (1968)
Level UpCD25-11Moderato6:41
Level UpCD25-12Allegretto20:29
String Quartet No. 4 In D Major Op. 83 (1949)
Level UpCD26-1Allegretto4:27
Level UpCD26-2Andantino6:35
Level UpCD26-3Allegretto4:07
Level UpCD26-4Allegretto10:28
String Quartet No. 6 In G Major Op. 101 (1956)
Level UpCD26-5Allegretto6:42
Level UpCD26-6Moderato Con Moto4:56
Level UpCD26-7Lento5:57
Level UpCD26-8Lento-Allegretto7:44
String Quartet No. 10 In A Flat Major Op. 118 (1964)
Level UpCD26-9Andante4:32
Level UpCD26-10Allegretto Furioso4:16
Level UpCD26-11Adagio6:13
Level UpCD26-12Allegretto9:08
String Quartet No. 1 In C Major Op. 49 (1935)
Level UpCD27-1Moderato3:57
Level UpCD27-2Moderato4:43
Level UpCD27-3Allegro Molto2:12
Level UpCD27-4Allegro3:03
String Quartet No. 14 In F Sharp Major Op. 142 (1973)
Level UpCD27-5Allegretto8:22
Level UpCD27-6Adagio10:57
Level UpCD27-7Allegretto8:44
String Quartet No. 15 In E Flat Major Op. 144 (1974)
Level UpCD27-8Elegy (Adagio)12:23
Level UpCD27-9Serenade (Adagio)5:15
Level UpCD27-10Intermezzo (Adagio)1:49
Level UpCD27-11Nocturne (Adagio)4:54
Level UpCD27-12Funeral March (Adagio Molto)4:38
Level UpCD27-13Epilogue (Adagio)6:40
DVD-1Interview With Rudolf Barshai
IntervieweeRudolf Barshai
DVD-2Interview With Bernd Feuchtner
IntervieweeBernd Feuchtner


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  • Barcode: 5 029365 812825

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