Dominic Wilcox ‎– Sounds Of Making In East London

Vinyl, 10"


A-1 The sounds of a reel to reel tape recorder and vinyl record cutting lathe in a vinyl mastering and cutting suite
A-2 The sound of extruding and packing sugtu
A-3 The sound of drawing 'Rosemary chicken with sweet potato' for the Times newspaper
A-4 The sound of smoking salmon
A-5 The sound of making porcelain flowers
A-6 The found of making stir fried goat with galangol in a Vietnamese restaurant kitchen
A-7 The sound of making 'press knives' used to stamp out shapes from leather
A-8 The sound of shoe making
A-9 The sound of spectacle making
A-10 The sound of writing a song about the poet John Keats
B-1 The sound of re-tuning a church bell originally cast in 1870
B-2 The sound of making the letters 'E' and 'T' in neon light
B-3 The sound of bell ringing in the Ringing Chamber at St. Mary Le Bow Church
B-4 The sound of beer making
B-5 The sound of making plaster heads for the play 'Master and Margarita' at the Barbican
B-6 The sound of dress making
B-7 The sound of making pies in a pie and mash shop kitchen
B-8 The sound of making beigals
B-9 The sound of making a Baroque Collar
B-10 The sound of making a book cover
B-11 The sound of cooking in a Michelin star restaurant


A Create 2012 Souvenir