Donny Brooks ‎– The 8th Wonder of the World!

Lost Nite Records ‎– LP–126/LNLPS126
Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation, Stereo


A1 The Jive Five My True Story
A2 Soul Survivors Expressway To Your Heart
A3 Barbara Green Young Boy
A4 Billy Stewart I Do Love You
A5 Starlites* Valarie
A6 Lee Andrews Teardrops
A7 James & Bobby Purify I'm Your Puppet
A8 The Jesters (2) The Wind
A9 Little Caesar* Those Oldies But Goodies
B1 Bobby Lewis Tossin' An' Turnin'
B2 Deon Jackson Love Makes The World Go Round
B3 Patti LaBelle Down The Aisle
B4 Jay Wiggins Sad Girl
B5 The Dreamlovers When We Get Married
B6 The Charts Deserie
B7 Knight Brothers Temptation 'Bout To Get Me
B8 Jackie Lee The Duck
B9 The Olympics Mine Exclusively


Lost Nite Records • 1005 Chestnut St. • Philadelphia, PA

This is a compilation put together by Donny Brooks, aka "Soul Finger," who was a successful disc jockey in St. Louis for KATZ and a couple other radio stations in the 60s and 70s.

This particular release is kinda crazy in terms of cataloguing consistency in three areas:

1) On the cover his name is spelled "Donny" Brooks, but on the back cover it's spelled "Donnie," not to be confused with the rockabilly musician. On Side A of the label, his name is spelled "Donnie." Side B takes the nonsense further and spells it "Donne."

2) Apparently the title of this album, according to the front, is "The 8th Wonder of the World!" On the back cover, however, there's no mention of that title, but instead has the title "Favorite Oldies" above the misspelled "Donnie Brooks." The label of the record, on both sides, omits any title of the album.

3) There is no label or catalog number on the spine. On the upper right of the front cover the label is: Lost Nite LP–126 Stereo. On the upper right of the back cover, however, the label is: LNLPS126. The label on each side reads: LN-LPS-126. Also on the label, the record company is spelled Lost-Nite Records, with a hyphen.

I'm sure these inconsistencies, along with its limited release, has contributed to its obscurity.