Dougal & Gammer / Sy & Unknown / Joey Riot & Kurt* ‎– Hardcore Heaven Summer Madness!

New State Music ‎– NEWCD9103
3 × CD, Mixed

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CD1 Mixed By Dougal & Gammer
1-01 Dougal & Gammer Monster
Written-By, Producer – M. Lee*, P. Clarke*
1-02 Dougal & Gammer Trust In Me
Producer – Jonathan Kinnear, M. Lee*, P. Clarke*Written-By – James Kinnear, Jonathan Kinnear, M. Lee*, P. Clarke*
1-03 Darren Styles & Gammer You & I
Producer – Darren Styles, GammerWritten-By – Mew*, Lee*
1-04 Dougal & Gammer Orbit
Written-By, Producer – M. Lee*, P. Clarke*
1-05 Dougal & Gammer Feat. Niki Mak Back Home
Vocals – N. Mak*Written-By, Producer – M. Lee*, N. Mak*, P. Clarke*
1-06 Gammer & Whizzkid* Jump
Written-By, Producer – G. May*, M. Lee*
1-07 Dougal, Gammer* & JB-C Feat. Jenna Show Me The Way
Producer [Additional] – J. Becks*Vocals – J. Barr*Written-By, Producer – J. Brown-Clarke*, J. Barr*, M. Lee*, P. Clarke*
1-08 Gammer & Klubfiller Future Fuzz
Written-By, Producer – M. Lee*, S. Brett*
1-09 Dougal, Gammer* & JB-C Feat. Jerome* No Way Back
Vocals – J. Becks*Written-By, Producer – J. Brown-Clarke*, J. Becks*, M. Lee*, P. Clarke*
1-10 Dougal & Gammer Feat. Jerome* There For You
Vocals – J. Becks*Written-By, Producer – J. Becks*, M. Lee*, P. Clarke*
1-11 Gammer & JB-C Bigger And Bolder
Written-By, Producer – J. Brown-Clarke*, M. Lee*
1-12 Dougal & Gammer Your One
Written-By, Producer – M. Lee*, P. Clarke*
1-13 Dougal & Gammer Feat. Jenna All The Tears I've Cried (JB-C Remix)
Remix, Producer [Additional] – JB-CVocals – J. Barr*Written-By, Producer – J. Barr*, M. Lee*, P. Clarke*
1-14 Chris Fear Vs. Ajay* Catch The Light
Written-By, Producer – A. Justice*, C. Sumner*
1-15 Drumsound & Bassline Smith* Close (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
Remix, Producer [Additional] – Dougal & GammerWritten-By, Producer – A.G. Wright*, S.A. Smith*
1-16 Andy Whitby & Klubfiller Blam
Producer – Steven BrettWritten-By – Andrew Whitby*, Steven Brett
1-17 Gammer & Cally Gage Breakneck Bastard
Vocals – D. HeslopWritten-By, Producer – C. Gage*, M. Lee*
1-18 Dougal & Gammer vs. Klubfiller Do What You Wanna Do
Written-By, Producer – M. Lee*, P. Clarke*, S. Brett*
1-19 Chris Fear Cameras Ready
Written-By, Producer – C. Sumner*
1-20 Dougal & Gammer Lifting Me Higher (Back To 97 Mix)
Written-By, Producer – James Kinnear, Jonathan Kinnear, M. Lee*, P. Clarke*
CD2 Mixed By Sy & Unknown
2-01 SuReaL You Take My Breath Away (Sy & Unknown Remix)
Remix, Producer [Additional] – Sy & UnknownWritten-By, Producer – Lange, Rohan Heath, Steve Long
2-02 Sy & Unknown Feat. Lou Lou (2) Love Can't Wait
Producer – Sy & UnknownVocals [Featuring] – Lou Lou (2)Written-By – C. Sargent*, L. Bromilow*, S. Cranny*
2-03 Dance Assassins Sail Away (Darren Styles Remix)
Remix – Darren StylesWritten-By, Producer – Arnold*
2-04 Sy* & Re-Con Meatfeast
Producer – Sy*, Re-ConWritten-By – M. Di Scala*, S. Cranny*
2-05 Sy* & Joey Riot Fucking Shit Music
Producer – Sy*, Joey RiotWritten-By – J. McHugh*, S. Cranny*
2-06 Sy & Unknown My Forever Love
Producer – Sy & UnknownWritten-By – C. Sargent*, K. Ryder*, S. Cranny*
2-07 Sy & Unknown Feat. Kirsten Joy Superstar
Producer – Sy & UnknownVocals [Featuring] – Kirsten JoyWritten-By – C. Sargent*, K. Ryder*, S. Cranny*
2-08 Supreme & MOB Cameo
Producer – Supreme & MOBWritten-By – J. Shields*, M. O'Brien*
2-09 Darren Styles Burning Up
Producer – Darren StylesWritten-By – Mew*
2-10 Sy* & Technikore Places Please
Producer – Sy*, TechnikoreWritten-By – A. Bamford*, S. Cranny*
2-11 Sy & Unknown The Steel Finger Part 2
Producer – Sy & UnknownWritten-By – C. Sargent*, S. Cranny*
2-12 Black & White (15) Get Ya Hands Up! (Original Mix)
Written-By, Producer – A. Taylor*, H. Bishop*
2-13 Sy* & Gammer (I Think I'm Goin') Outta My Head
Producer – Sy*, GammerWritten-By – M. Dick, S. Cranny*
2-14 The Collective Kick It (Sy & Unknown's 2011 Update)
Remix, Producer [Additional] – Sy & UnknownWritten-By, Producer – J. Sullivan*, S. Attrill*
2-15 Sy & Unknown Psychopath 2011
Producer – Sy & UnknownWritten-By – C. Sargent*, S. Cranny*
2-16 Breeze* & Technikore Moments
Producer – Breeze*, TechnikoreWritten-By – Bamford*, Brady*
2-17 Hixxy, Sy & Unknown The Clit Commander 2011
Producer – Sy & UnknownWritten-By – C. Sargent*, I. Hicks*, S. Cranny*
2-18 Sy* & Al Storm Do You Love Your Hardcore? (Hardcore Heaven VIP Mix)
Written-By, Producer – A. Taylor*, S. Cranny*
2-19 Al Storm Vs. Hardforze Don't Go Breakin' My Heart (Mike Modulate Remix)
Producer – A. Taylor*, R. Francis*Remix, Producer [Additional] – Mike Modulate*Vocals – Dina (9)Written-By – Antonio Puntillo, Franco Martinelli*, Giordano Trivellato
2-20 Chris Unknown & Re-Con Ganja Man
Producer – Chris Unknown, Re-ConWritten-By – C. Sargent*, M. Di Scala*
2-21 Sy & Unknown Pictures Of You
Producer – Sy & UnknownWritten-By – C. Sargent*, K. Ryder*, S. Cranny*
2-22 Brisk & Ham Get On The Floor
Written-By, Producer – H. Dean*, P. Nineham*
CD3 Mixed By Joey Riot & Kurt
3-01 Kurt* Feat. Sara* Sit & Wait (Exclusive Album Mix)
Vocals [Featuring] – S. Hartley*Written-By, Producer – K. McLoughlin*
3-02 Gammer & Whizzkid* We Are The Vampires (Joey Riot Remix)
Remix – Joey RiotRemix, Producer [Additional] – J. McHugh*Vocals [Written-by] – MC WhizzkidWritten-By, Producer – M. Lee*
3-03 Q-Tex Like An Angel (Kurt Remix)
Remix, Producer [Additional] – Kurt*Written-By, Producer – Gillian Tennant, Scott Brown
3-04 Joey Riot & Seduction* Feat. James Warren (4) Time To Move On
Vocals [Featuring] – James Warren (4)Written-By, Producer – J. Kalkan*, J. McHugh*
3-05 Kurt* & Boyle* Electro Stomp
Written-By – J. Boyle*Written-By, Producer – K. McLoughlin*
3-06 Sy* & Joey Riot Wa-Ja-Mi-Call-It
Producer – Sy*, Joey RiotWritten-By – J. McHugh*, S. Cranny*
3-07 Ricky Skull Crusher Kinky Slinky
Written-By, Producer – Richard F. Di Marco, Jr.
3-08 Raw Theory Solarise
Written-By, Producer – Ashley Lamb, Tim Smith (34)
3-09 Joey Riot & Technikore Broken
Written-By, Producer – A. Bamford*Written-By, Producer, Vocals – J. McHugh*
3-10 Al Storm Werewolf (Joey Riot Remix)
Remix, Producer [Additional] – Joey RiotWritten-By, Producer – A. Taylor*
3-11 Scott Brown Don't You Worry (Joey Riot & Kurt Remix)
Remix, Producer [Additional] – Kurt*, Joey RiotWritten-By, Producer – Scott Brown
3-12 Prospect (3) & Pinnacle* Zombie Nightclub
Written-By, Producer – A. Henderson*, D. Ralston*
3-13 Joey Riot You'll Never Know (HH Anthem 2011)
Written-By, Producer, Vocals – J. McHugh*
3-14 Himbo & Enemy* Everywhere I Turn (Kurt Remix)
Producer – K. McLoughlin*Remix – Kurt*Vocals [Featuring] – MC EnemyWritten-By – A. Barker*
3-15 Kurt* & Marc Smith Throw Ya Hands Up
Written-By, Producer – K. McLoughlin*, M. Smith*
3-16 Darren Styles & Re-Con Like A Bitch (Joey Riot & Kurt Remix)
Remix – Kurt*, Joey Riot
3-17 Kurt* Feat. Sara* Bang Banger (Exclusive Album Mix)
Vocals [Featuring] – S. Hartley*Written-By, Producer – K. McLoughlin*
3-18 Endymion & The Viper Smash
Written-By, Producer – B. Revier*, B. Lint*, J. Neijs*, M. Pelupessy*
3-19 Destructive Tendencies Smack My Pitch Up
Written-By – M. Ormerod*Written-By, Producer – J. McHugh*
3-20 Endymion & Nosferatu Drunk With A Gun (Evil Activities Remix)
Remix – Evil ActivitiesWritten-By, Producer – B. Ravier*, B. Lint*, E. van Kan*, J. Neijs*
3-21 Kurt* & Joey Riot Rock Ya Hardcore (Kurt & Joey Riot 2011 Remix)
Written-By, Producer – J. McHugh*, K. McLoughlin*
3-22 Gammer & Joey Riot This Is The Reckoning
Written-By, Producer – J. McHugh*, M. Lee*



Track 3-22 contains a secret remix of DJ Kurt's "Don't Hold Ya Breath"

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November 23, 2011
edited over 6 years ago

With AATW dropping support for hardcore almost across the board (leading, tentatively, to the end of the new Bonkers series and the HTID series), we really needed a new compilation to come out of somewhere. The way thing's are going right now, it's only a matter of time before we end up with only Hardcore Underground and Clubland X-Treme Hardcore left. I was definitely looking forward to this in a big way, especially since Dougal & Gammer would be on disc 1 having not done a compilation CD for years.

The Dougal & Gammer disc didn't let me down. It's a great set of hardcore and they've certainly still got the magic. Tracks like "Trust In Me", "Your One", "You & I" and "Future Fuzz" really stand out even in an already high quality set. "Your One", in particular, has the potential to become one of my favourite hardcore tunes of all time. There's a few tracks, both vocal and electro, that feel like filler but I enjoyed almost all of what was here. This mix reminded me of what I saw in hardcore in the first place.

The Sy & Unknown disc doesn't live up to the standard of the first. It's mostly vocal cheese, which is no bad thing most of the time but so much of it just feels like stuff we've already heard many times before. While I accept that there's not much room for variation in hardcore and, after listening for a long time, deja vu is inevitable, disc 1 sidestepped that minefield in style whereas this disc didn't. Having said that, I love the old skool influences in some of the tracks like "Burning Up" and "Ganja Man" and it's not all terrible; the 2011 "Kick It" update is brilliant (The Collective - Kick It (Sy & Unknown's 2011 Update)).

I'm not the biggest fan of the Lethal Theory sound so anything I say about the third disc, mixed by Joey Riot and Kurt, should be taken with a pinch of salt. I like some tracks on here but the remixes are very much lost on me; I prefer the originals on almost all counts, except perhaps Al Storm's "Werewolf" but that's a track I never cared for in the first place. The best remix would have to be the "Don't You Worry" remix by Joey Riot & Kurt but, all things considered, it's just 32 bars of bouncy electro mayhem amongst 5 minutes of mundane build-up. On the subject of bouncy electro, Kurt & Boyle's "Electro Stomp" is one of my highlights of the whole album.

On the digital bundle for the album where the tracks are separated, some are full tracks and some are edits but most tracks, if not all, are mixable for the competent DJ (which I'd imagine is all of us these days). Given the price and unmixed nature of some of the tracks, it'd be foolish not to snap this up.


October 7, 2011

love it! love it! love it!