Drone Messiah ‎– Drone Messiah

6 × File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps


1 In Winter By The Window, In Summer By The Sea 5:00
2 Until We See The Beauty Of It 16:48
3 Short Poem About Strife And Suffering 2:01
4 Drone Messiah 7:34
5 Friends Of Cece Cooper 2:07
6 Friends Of Diana McCarty 3:01


Drone Messiah's self titled album provides a sonic path not narrowly confined by genre. It cleverly mixes drone ambient elements with a lo-fi panoply of sounds, field recordings and gusts that would ordinarily be found in a piece from the noise genre, besides boasting the sonorous enrichment of excellent and charming artistic collaborations. Others of the 6 pieces range across a spectrum from fairly "traditional" drone/noise ambience into chill with pleasant recurring beats. This is not a "purist" album of hide-bound doctrinaire ambience, but instead a four-ply crater of ambience, noise, glitch, and melodic waves. The album features a sense of quiet determination - a kind of exploration of sound, certainly a vigorous, and worthy of attention, hybrid from those who have metaphorically left the inner soul church of faithless creed, and entered the faith of inner musical salvation.

LINK TO DOWNLOAD: https://archive.org/details/DroneMessiah_HCR2016

© 2016
credits of the tracks:

track 1 written and composed by SDC Marquardt and Alessandra Zerbinati
track 2 recorded live by Kasi Pani K, Udo Lindemann and SDC Marquardt
track 3, 4, 5, 6 written and composed by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

Artworks on the cover by Yvonne Cilia - Graphic design by Emiliano Pietrini