Drowned Hampster ‎– The 'P' Is For Political.

Rubber Records ‎– DH-1
Vinyl, LP



Very rare 1983 private press LP from a London, Ontario mystery band. No one really remembers these guys and they have no connections to other bands. The music is weird, art-damaged stuff with a distinct angry punk attitude and balanced by some rougher, more straight ahead punk tracks (which tend to be the best ones). Includes double-sided 8.5"x11" xerox insert with lyrics etc.

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October 26, 2015
D. H. consisted of some of my old classmates from the Music industry arts program at Fanshawe college in London 1982. The other group that S. Rose was in...during our 2 years there.....was "The Wogs"Great bunch of musicians and partiers. God...that was 32 years ago and It seems like yesterday.


March 27, 2014
These guys were hard to peg into any specific genre. Good musicianship - strong drummer who could actually keep time, and guitar riffs throughout made the album very listenable. I have a copy in my old vinyl collection which I remember buying after seeing them live. I recall they played a lot of Clash songs and the lead singer got pretty drunk by the end of the show. Pretty cool stuff though. The first song on side one Politix is real straight ahead kick ass punk, but with a bit of polish. Surfpunks was the other song that had some good potential for commercial success, but I guess they're in the where-are-they-now file. Worth a listen if you can find the album. I'm going to dig mine up now and give it a spin.


March 20, 2014
I remember these guys form the early 80's. If I remember correctly they had a fair bit of airplay on university radio. I saw them live a couple times at Fryfoggles and 100 Bond Street in Toronto. Decent live show, lots of energy and funny. I bought a copy of the album at Sam's in Toronto