Druhá Smrt ‎– Transcurrence

Sombre Soniks ‎– SomSon52
3 × File, FLAC, EP


1 Egocideal Transcurrence 11:06
2 Home (O) Path Bardo 11:03
3 Dødroneal Ekstasis 11:03



This month see thee highly anticipated follow up to Druhá Smrt's last download release, 'Recurrence' and thee sekond in a trilogy of releases based around thee theme of 'Immanentizing thee Eschaton'.

From thee Artist:
"The Transcurrence EP consists of 3 parts, each 11 minutes long...33 minutes in total...Musickally it is in fact one composition formally divided into three parts because of the Ritual needs... We hope that listeners will understand our intent, and will listen to this album in one sitting, because there is a certain process, like the development from entering (opening) through the passage (path) to the final ex-static state (Dasein) ...We feel that the tracks will lose their background Ritual meaning if listened to separately...

The Ritual we are concerned with here is the 'opening consciousness for the return of the soul'. Not soul as literary abstraction, rather psyche like an archon without end. Psychologickal depth as a metaphorickal death. Divagation beyond the horizon without goal . An attempt to amplify the unconscious non-self to UnderStand the process of 'mortificatio'. Transgression via ecstasy from deepening. 'Inbetweenness'. No quest, no banishing, no rebirth to daily consciousness, but only acceptance of TransCurrent state of Eschaton.

We regard the Eschaton as a kind of transitional Aeon, running parallel to the Aeon of Horus, not only point on the timeline. From this perspective, we are moving on no man's land and that is why we perform rituals that are less "traditional" and more "DIY" in the sense of form. In terms of methods, however, we are trying to invoke the archetypal contents that are numinous. Which possibly the deepest in order to do not lose direction of the Will. Psychology as Logos of Psyche. Philosophy as Love to Being. Magick as becoming in sonick energy flow from this primal source."