Dust Collector ‎– Narcolepsy

Dystopiaq ‎– dystopiaq030
19 × File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps


1 A Day Of The Life In (Standby Your Vanity, Elephantightest, Sandsintransit) 3:06
2 Bed Time Stories Part One (Living Room For The Dead) 1:42
3 Sleep Part One (Eight Melted Candles, Elevation Changes Eventually) 4:52
4 The Third Eye Patch (In Waves) 2:14
5 Better Dreams (Dripcastle Mansion, Handgrenade Serenade, Dreamzzz, Nostrilgia, Underature) 5:32
6 The Good The Bad And The (Chickering, The Gesture Part One, Humming To The Cemetery, A Gesture Part Two) 5:20
7 Nighterror (X Marks The Spots You See With, Relapse, November Seventh Two Thousand And Nine, Ten Heads On A Rusty Track) 8:47
8 415 (Disturbing The Piece Of Noise) 0:36
9 Bumpinthenight (The Candlemakers’ Son, Headquake, Second Time’s A Chasm, Tick Up My Sleeve, Rattlesnake Showdown, Rubble Rouser, After Pardon) 8:58
10 Bedtime Stories Part Two (The White Dog Like A Rose, Garden Guard In The Back Yard) 8:00
11 Sleep Part Two (The Sleep Address, Amnesia Dances, Yes Sir Little Sister, Old Pop Music, Uninhibited Letter With Hidden Intentions/Goodbye Feet) 9:40
12 Night Owl (The Swampthing Part Three…) 4:50
13 Lucid Change (…The Swampthing Part Three Continued/Cannons Indeed, Costume Balls) 4:37
14 Between The Sheetrock (Heartiac Bail, City With No Limits) 4:32
15 Nocturnal: A Mission (Hot Pursuit, The Young Prospector) 7:16
16 Waterlog (White Dog Fights, A Well Lighted Black Market) 5:03
17 Mourning Wood (Questioning My Sheen, The Moonshine’s Behind Us) 4:52
18 Drifting (Best Day Won) 5:01
19 Wonderlost/Wanderlost/Wonderlust (Day Dreams) 10:20